Girl, 12, hit by a train at Brixton Tube station

A broken down bus on Brixton Road. Picture by Simon Armstrong on Twitter: @SimonTateBooks

A 12 year-old girl is in a serious condition in hospital after being hit by a train at Brixton Tube station.

The girl was struck next to at about 8.40am this morning, before firefighters, police and ambulance crews worked to rescue her.

The incident closed Brixton tube station for over an hour, causing rush-hour chaos as commuters struggled to get on buses to continue their journey to work.

Angela Wolff, who was on the platform at the time of the incident, said: “Someone went under the train just as I turned onto the platform.

“Still feel like I’m in shock and I didn’t even see anything. Just heard the bang and screams and a sea of shocked pale faces.”

Picture by Allie Elwell, @AllieElwell, on Twitter

The station reopened at about 10am, and trains on the Victoria line are now running with minor delays.

A spokesman for the British Transport Police (BTP) said:  “BTP and Metropolitan Police officers attended the incident which was reported to BTP at 8.40am and is currently being treated as non-suspicious.

“Paramedics from London Ambulance Service also attended and the girl, believed to be 12-years-old, was taken to the King’s College hospital for treatment. Enquiries are ongoing to inform her family.”

A spokesperson for the London Ambulance Service said that the Air Ambulance team in a car helped regular ambulance crew treat the girl at the scene. She has been taken to Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, suffering from serious injuries.

It is not yet known why the girl was on the tracks.


  1. Does anyone know how the little girl is? My prayers are for her!

    I can tell you as a matter of fact that she was not pushed at all.

    What would drive a girl at her age to go to such extremes.

    God bless her

  2. I was on the platform this morning too….so sad and awful. all my prayers going to her and the tube driver. Poor little one, what must have happened for her to think that was her only option.

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  4. I was on the platform this morning when she jumped she was next to me, I seen everything, this is the most horrific thing I ever seen. I’m still completely in shock, I was shaking for an hour. Cannot remove it from my head I see and hear it again and again. I left work earlier, I feel physically sick, I was terrified on my way back in the tube, and worst when I arrived to brixton. I’ve been to the church, thing I never do normally, to pray for her, and also for this poor train driver. how she must be desperate to do that.

    • Hello Nick B, im so sorry, i am the lil girls cousin, can you please tell me how everything happened? did anyone push her or she just jumped? did she actually get hit by the train…
      the whole family is praying for my lil cousin to get better…. thanks for posting

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