Take Five: Green spaces in Brixton

Brockwell Park

1. Brockwell Park


2. Myatt’s Fields

This listed Victorian park with a new playground is definitely one of our favourites. There’s lots going on at Myatt’s Fields, such as the regular food events such the Brixton People’s Kitchen and Food Heroes at the park bandstand.

3. Windmill Gardens

A lovely little space outside the Brixton Windmill. There’s a herb garden and 30 square meters of wheat and barley grown by Friends of Brixton Windmill, as well as a small playground.

4. Windrush Square

The renovation of Windrush Square a few years ago has been broadly popular, creating a wide open space where people actually want to spend time. On a sunny day, it fills up with people lying around on the grass or sitting chatting on the chairs dotted about the square.

5. Number 3 bus to Dulwich Woods

Take the bus or train up to Dulwich Wood – it’s like being in the countryside only twenty minutes out of Brixton.


  1. Dulwich Woods isn’t in Brixton but Max Roach park is right on Brixton Road only 2 blocks from the police station and half a block from the Academy. London’s largest “play park”.

  2. “it’s like being in the countryside only twenty minutes out of Brixton”.

    More like five minutes on the right train.

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