Everything is revealed in Brixton library

The Rolling Crystal Ball, an exhibition by professional artist and former musician Sam Dodson, opens in Brixton library tomorrow (21 April).

Running until Monday 2 May, it explores the notion that all things can be seen in the crystal ball – all possible futures, all possible pasts. Everything is revealed, including yourself.

Dodson’s collages “explore the possibilities of a new mythology and a new magic” through the very act of creation through collage.

He played with worldbeat group Loop Guru from the early 80s, mixing eastern and western music.

His art explores collage in various forms and his works have featured in books on Dada and surrealism as well as on album covers.

Dodson has also been involved the fivers4artistic project alongside leading artists including Sir Peter Blake, Gilbert and George, Ralph Steadman and Damien Hirst.

The aim is to collect 250 old fivers decorated by 250 great artists. These are then auctioned to launch a charity.

Dodson describes himself as “a man trapped in his own collage” and surrounds himself with comic books, found objects and curious ephemera in a studio in the Grand Union canal in West London.

The Rolling Crystal Ball
21 April – 2 May
Brixton Library SW1J1JQ
020 7926 1058

  • Monday: 1–8pm
  • Tuesday: 10am–8pm
  • Wednesday: 10am–6pm
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  • Sunday and bank holidays: Closed