Junior Open Mic provides a stage for young musicians

young rock band playing

Herne Hill’s Off The Cuff venue will host six hours of free music from talented local young people on Sunday (16 January).

Junior Open Mic (JOM) is organising London’s largest open mic event. It’s tailored for young people from four to 18 and will run in three sessions from noon to 6pm. The first fully public session begins at 2.30pm.

Both admission and performing are free.

JOM is an award-winning community group that organises free youth music events.

Anyone in the qualifying age group is free to perform, but must be pre-booked by an adult on jomjunioropenmic@gmail.com.

From noon to 1pm, in a “Beyond the Living Room” session, beginners aged from four to 12 can experience performing on stage in total privacy (or with close family only). The entire venue will be theirs for 10 minutes.

They will mic’d up (including an instrument if needed) and professionally sound engineered. Performers will get a free drink token and certificate of bravery.

young musician performing

From 1 to 2pm participants from four to 12 can perform on stage – with mics, keyboard and drum kit provided – in front of a super-supportive family audience limited to 40 people, with professional sound engineering – one song for solos, two for bands. Drink tokens and certificates for this group as well.

From 2.30 to 6pm performers aged 12-18 (or veteran under-12s) will perform as solos or bands with two songs for solos, three for bands.

Performers can use professional sound engineering, all the mics, house drum kit, amps, vintage Roland keyboard, three subwoofers, four main speakers, three monitor speakers, and bring mates to watch and mosh.

They should arrive by 2pm to register and parties must have an accompanying adult.

Book at jomjunioropenmic@gmail.com

See more at JOM’s Insta

Off The Cuff
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