Council consults on plans for major Brixton redevelopments

urban street
Part of the proposed redevelopment area on Effra Road

Three Brixton sites are among those proposed for major redevelopment by Lambeth council.

Tesco on Acre Lane, Halfords, Currys and a surrounding area on Effra Road, and 336 Brixton Road are listed in the “Draft Lambeth Site Allocations Development Plan Document”, which has proposed planning policies for 14 sites.

Consultation on the plans is now open and will end on 22 February.

exterior of large supermarket
Tesco on Acre Lane

Acre Lane

The Tesco site ”presents an opportunity to reprovide a supermarket for the town centre in addition to new homes, including affordable housing,” the council says. The site has potential for between 120 to 170 self-contained residential units.

Other stated benefits would include a widened footway and increased activity on and around Acre Lane with potential for enhanced “urban greening and biodiversity”.

Despite its support for a 20-storey tower on Pope’s Road, the council says the Tesco site “is not appropriate for a tall building”.

It also says that the development should see “a meaningful reduction” in car parking.

urban street
Effra Road

Effra Road

The Effra Road development area would include not only the Halfords and Currys site, but also those of the Unitarian Church, Fitch Court – a council-run retirement housing complex – the Mosaic Clubhouse and Masey Mews.

The council consultation document says they “present an opportunity to bring forward high-quality, mixed-use development that can contribute replacement community facilities and place of worship, new workspace and jobs within the Brixton Creative Enterprise Zone, and new housing and affordable housing within an existing residential neighbourhood, all within walking and cycling distance of Brixton town centre.” 

urban street
336 Brixton Road and the Esso petrol station

330 – 336 Brixton Road

The council says redevelopment of the Brixton Road site could provide improved accommodation for existing users, including the WeAre336 hub of voluntary and community sector organisations, and NHS clinical facilities.

Retention of light industrial workspace on the site would make a significant contribution to the Brixton Creative Enterprise Zone.

There is additional potential to create new housing, the council says.

“Winans Walk has potential to be reinstated as a residential street through the creation of a defensible street boundary and dedicated footways at the rear of the site,” the council consultation document says.

“Some of the key features of the Brixton Road Conservation Area can also be reinstated, including the historic building line, street boundary treatments and soft-landscaped front gardens.”

The existing Esso petrol station in the site would be removed under the council’s draft plans.

The frontage building at 336 Brixton Road would be retained “as a positive contributor to the conservation area”.

Other proposed development sites near Brixton are at Loughborough Junction, King’s College Hospital and West Norwood.


  1. I need Tesco for my shopping and a car park to bring my shopping home. I have tried home delivery and it was a mess. The delivery person complained bitterly that I donot have a lift, and my shopping was was put in a pile. It is easier for me to me to go to the store. It’s a sham that people who are part of the building affected have no been consulted. I am very disappointed with Labour. Going for the money should not be the priority.

  2. The documents for Effra Road don’t mention keeping space for the large retail stores. They are very useful keeping the likes of me form resorting to Amazon.

  3. REV JULIAN SMITH, EFFRA ROAD CHAPEL (FOUNDED 1839), CALLS FOR SUPPORT AT MEETING ON TUESDAY 8TH FEBRUARY 2022 AT 7PM WITH LAMBETH AND CLLR SCARLETT O’HARA, EFFRA ROAD CHAPEL, 63 EFFRA ROAD, BRIXTON, LONDON SW2 1BZ. So much for Lambeth Council consultation on the Effra Road site! The land affected includes, North to South: the Effra Road Retail Park (Halfords and Currys); Fitch Court sheltered accommodation; Masey Mews private and social housing; Effra Road Unitarian Chapel, including Chapel, Community Hall, Manse and Caretaker’s Bungalow; and Mosaic Clubhouse (a community centre for those in need of support in the community). None of the land owners and occupiers have been specifically consulted to-date. I am the Minister of Effra Road Chapel and our Trustees and I only became aware of this proposal via a random e-mail to my personal e-mail which is somehow on Lambeth’s radar and we have been obliged to contact all the relevant owners and occupiers and other relevant groups. The consultation period runs only from 10th January to midnight 20th February and involves no public meetings whatsoever. We are therefore organising such a meeting with Lambeth on Tuesday 8th February at 7pm at Effra Road Chapel, 63 Effra Road, Brixton, London SW2 1BZ, focussing particularly on the proposals for Effra Road where we have been serving the community since 1839 (our members including the likes of Sir Henry Tate and other distinguished philanthropists) from our sacred space. It is our initial view that Masey Mews constructed no more than 10 years ago and our Chapel etc in front of it onto Effra Road should be left out of the scheme. We will support other owners and occupiers who have similar good reasons to want to stay as is. The support of readers at our meeting would be much appreciated.

  4. This is a disgrace pushing out local people go rich developers who are only interested in them self not the community.

  5. Lambeth consultations are a skam. They remove those with opposing views from the results and refuse to provide the raw data for independent verification.

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