Brixton Urban Art is back for its 18th year

Shanae Coleman previews this year’s Brixton Urban Art fair

Brixton’s Urban Art fair – a place for many artists to showcase their works – is back for its 18th consecutive year.

To avoid a clash with Wimbledon finals weekend it will be earlier in the month than in the past, on 6 and 7 July.

The event will turn Josephine Avenue at the bottom of Tulse Hill into a creative space where many visitors and art lovers get to converse with the creators and, if they would like, get to know how their favourite pieces were made.


From the beginning in 2002 it has meant a lot to those who take part and are able to see it all come together. It now provides not only a protected space for the public but also an affordable and credible place for new and not yet established artist to flourish.

This event, outdoors and on the streets, is much different to an indoor show, and it really is free to all, which is why so many people enjoy it each year.

International print maker Stefan Gnosspelius has expressed how he feels about the progress and success of Urban Art: “The atmosphere is always great and the feedback from the public is always very encouraging. It’s one of my highlights of the year and one of the reasons I love living in Brixton.”

For more information on the event head over to the urban art website