‘Brixton has such an incredible spirit’ – Beyond Retro boss on sustainable options

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Jessica Whitham talks to Beyond Retro director Kate Peters about Brixton, sustainability and conscious consumerism

Brixton is at the forefront of environmentally conscious shopping.

From local independent labels with a focus on sustainability, including Studio Kyodai, to Traid and our charity shop options.

Herne Hill Market trader Regal Rags is run by Brixton-born siblings Tessa and Dave, and Make Do and Mend (previously of Pop) has started a series of step-by-step guides to help extend the life of clothes.

One of our newest sustainable options is Beyond Retro – inside Morleys.

“There are already great indie places that make Brixton special, and we hope that more sustainable option are available across the British high street,” Kate Peters, the director of retail for the brand told the Blog.

“It’s important to us to celebrate a community we are in, and become a part of it as best we can.

“Morleys has been such an iconic spot in Brixton for years, and we’re excited to be part of their revamp.

“With so many changes on the high street in the last few years, Morleys has stood firm, which is a testament to the need for independent department stores,” said Peters.

“Brixton has such an incredible spirit, full of independent brands, and feels like a real creative hub of music, arts and different things to do that celebrate individuality.

“At Beyond Retro we believe in inspiring individuality in a sustainable way, and we love being part of Brixton’s unique scene, offering more people to find sustainable pieces that are special to them.”

The store opened in April this year, as non-essential business was allowed to return.

“It’s been great to open up in a new neighborhood, and we’re still working to get out the word that we are here!” Peters said.

“We’ve seen a lot of new customers walk through our doors, plus Beyond Retro regulars based in South London excited to have a spot closer to home.”

Beyond Retro began life in East London in 200, and has since moved into Soho, Brighton, Bristol and Dalston as well as having six sites in Sweden.

“We offer on-trend, sustainable pieces at scale, bringing quality as well as quantity to the second-hand shopping experience, meaning we can stay affordable and desirable for a wide range of people.”

Brixton shoppers have been sussing out what’s on offer.

“It’s been a big mix, but mostly summer staples like summer dresses, Hawaiian shirts, and classic sustainable must-haves like branded sportswear and denim have been best sellers,” Peters said.

“Also, some more statement pieces for those excited for being able to be out and about again.”

The Business Research Company found that the sustainable fashion market is likely to grow to be worth $9.81 billion in 2025, and $15.17 billion by 2030.

shop window display
Morleys shop window this week

“Conscious consumerism is a trend that is only growing,” Peters agrees.

“We are working hard alongside many other sustainable brands and activists to discuss and explore why we need sustainable fashion, and the negative impact of fast fashion is better understood every day. 

“The cost to people and the planet is so high, and sustainable fashion is a positive way for people to contribute to a better environment.

“The growth of reselling with places such as Depop is accelerating this change, as modern customers match the desire for wanting to be sustainable with the thrill of thrifting – finding unique pieces just for them at a great price.”

Buying second hand is now often seen as an affordable route for quality and luxury.

“People are rethinking second-hand,” Peters confirmed. “Love of vintage has always been there, but younger generations are falling for the thrift lifestyle – hunting for something unique and affordable just for them, and everyone loves brands – you can get trusted quality at a much more affordable price.

“Plus, contemporary fashion is all inspired by vintage, so why not buy the originals!

“We constantly scour street style and catwalks – as well as getting regular feedback from our customers and teams – to plot what we believe the biggest trends of the year ahead will be, and react to microtrends as much as possible.

“We pick from such a huge breadth of eras, brands and styles – handpicking the best pieces to cater to all our customers’ needs.”

You can visit Beyond Retro Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sundays 11am – 7pm.

Morleys, 472-488 Brixton Rd, SW9 8EH