Brixton Palestine protests continue

protest with banner

Protest against Israel’s occupation of Palestine will continue in Brixton this weekend with two separate events planned.

The now regular protest at the Herne Hill gates of Brockwell Park organised by Lambeth and Wandsworth Palestine Solidarity Campaign is due to start on Sunday (20 June) at 2pm.

As we are in Pride month, the organisers say there will be an emphasis on “pinkwashing” – using support for LGBTQ+ events and causes to obscure involvement with oppressive regimes or similar behaviour.

protest flyer

On Saturday (19 June) the organisation Fight Racism Fight Imperialism South London is planning a “rolling picket” in Brixton hight street starting from Windrush Square at 12:30pm.

“We will stop off outside businesses that prop up Israeli apartheid and call them out!” says FIFRSL.

“We are holding this rolling picket to ensure Palestine remains in everyone’s consciousness and to highlight the role British capitalism has played in the repression of the Palestinians.”