Second hand bike markets for Brixton


Brixton Station Road is due to host three second hand bike markets on coming Sundays. The first will be on 23 May.

They are organised by Peddle My Wheels, a South London based company, that also runs “try before you bike” schemes with local councils, including Lambeth.

Peddle My Wheels says the scheme supports people when they start cycling and allows them to buy a bike when they are ready.

“It is now running all over London and has helped hundreds of Londoners discover the joys of cycling,” the company says.

The next two markets on Brixton Station Road are on 6 and 20 June. All run from 10am to 4pm.

Peddle My Wheels says the markets are an opportunity to buy an affordable, serviced child or adult bike, to make a little money by clearing out unwanted bicycles, and to create an affordable bike stock for the community by doing so.

Potential sellers should bring their bikes, as well as some ID, to a market between 10am and 3pm, and be ready to provide personal and bank details and a proposed sale price.

The bike is checked on the day and sellers are sent an email with the price and any deductions needed for repairs.

Anyone not happy with the price or cost of repairs must collect their bike by 4pm.

Peddle My Wheels says the bike will probably not be sold the day it is received, unless there has been time to service it.

Sellers receive an email when and if their bike is sold at another market. They are paid 75% of the sales price, less any repair costs, by bank transfer.