Big choice as London votes

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Lambeth voters in delayed local elections on Thursday 6 May will have a choice of six candidates for the London Assembly in the Lambeth and Southwark constituency, 18 parties in the list of candidates for “additional” assembly members, and 20 candidates to be Mayor of London.

Democracy Club has researched information on all the candidates that is available at its website; its sister site can point you to your polling station.

The London Assembly has 25 members, 14 are elected by individual constituencies, and 11 “additional” members are elected from party lists by the whole city.

Assembly members are elected to hold the Mayor of London to account, examining decisions and actions in areas like police and fire services, transport, housing, planning and the environment.

Because of Covid precautions, results for the mayor and London-wide assembly members are not expected to be declared before the evening of Saturday 8 May.

Votes from the Lambeth and Southwark constituency will be counted at ExCel London between Canary Wharf and London City Airport in Docklands.

The six candidates for the Lambeth and Southwark constituency are:

Marina Ahmad, Labour and Co-operative

April Ashley, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

John Cronin, Reform UK

Florence Cyrot, Liberal Democrat

Hannah Ginnett, Conservative and Unionist Party

Claire Sheppard, Green Party

When voting for the Mayor of London, electors will have a first- and a second-choice vote and can choose from 20 candidates.

The 18 parties seeking votes for “additional” assembly seats are:

Animal Welfare Party (six candidates) 

Christian Peoples Alliance (eight candidates) 

Communist Party of Britain (nine candidates) 

Conservative and Unionist Party (12 candidates) 

Green Party (11 candidates) 

Heritage Party (six candidates) 

Labour Party (11 candidates)

Let London Live (five candidates) 

Liberal Democrats (11 candidates) 

Londependence (four candidates)

London Real Party (four candidates) 

National Liberal Party – True Liberalism (five candidates) 

Reform UK (11 candidates) 

Rejoin EU (11 candidates) 

Social Democratic Party (eight candidates) 

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (25 candidates) 

UK Independence Party (UKIP) (11 candidates) 

Women’s Equality Party (13 candidates)

View the official guide on how to complete the three ballot papers that voters will receive.

Read the official guide to the elections, including Covid advice and precautions – like taking your own pen or pencil


  1. Can you publish which of these councillors will actually be able to vote for their constituents as they are the only ones I’d consider

    • Not clear what you are asking. All 25 elected members of the London Assembly can vote on anything it has before it. Eleven of them are elected by a “constituency” that is the whole of London, 14 are elected by geographically smaller, but still very large, constituencies. Brixton is part of the Lambeth and Southwark constituency.

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