Music films at Pop Brixton

rapper on stage in film
Mogul Mowgli

Deeper Into Movies is showing two music films at Pop Brixton – the classic 1983 Talking Heads live performances of Stop Making Sense, and Mogul Mowgli, a 2020 drama starring Riz Ahmed as a British-Pakistani rapper.

Founder Steven T. Hanley launched Deeper Into Movies in 2016 at an East London bar screening films on VHS.

Now the focus is on “important contemporary cinema and overlooked gems alongside lectures on cinema and live score performances”.

In Mogul Mowgli (19 May, £10) Zed (Riz Ahmed), a New York based British Pakistani rapper on the brink of his first international tour, visits London to see his family for the first time two years.

As he tries to reconnect with his parents, Zed is hit by an disease that not only threatens his breakthrough moment but also plunges him inrto a physical and emotional crisis with vivid hallucinations.

rock artist ion stage
David Byrne in Stop Making Sense

Seen by some as one of the greatest rock music movies of all time, Stop Making Sense (2 June, £10) chronicles Talking Heads’ 1983 touring show designed by leader David Byrne to be a dramatic as well as a musical experience.

Director Jonathan Demme’s distinctive style is clear in the widescreen blockbuster.

And if you feel up to a visit to Dalston on 17 May, its open air Roof Park venue is showing Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché about the musician who grew up in Brixton made by her daughter Celeste Bell, who spoke to the Blog about it in February.

Details (including Covid status) and tickets