Brixton’s Creative Enterprise Zone launches

Make It badge

In 2018, Brixton was named as one of six designated creative enterprise zones (CEZ) by the Mayor of London.

Creative enterprise zones were awarded to local authorities which could show that they would provide creative spaces, skills building, practical support, local pro-culture policies and embed creative production in communities.

Due to the pandemic, plans for Brixton’s CEZ have been delayed and radically changed. Today sees the launch of new website, which combines the CEZ Make It in Brixton campaign with a new monthly online creative journal.

The Make It brand is designed to bring together anyone and everyone who has a stake in Brixton’s creative community.

The website states that “It will coordinate, curate and cultivate creativity of all kinds, spanning education, training and opportunity – through to business support and local governance. It will give practitioners, educators, spaces, facilitators (and more) a common voice.”

“Most pertinently, while providing vital practical help for the creative professions, it is also designed to be a campaign we can all own. What we make of it is utterly up to us.”

The site also hosts a call out for “creativity to showcase, causes to amplify, brains to pick and opportunities for collaboration.”

The local creative community is invited to download a guide and accompanying assets, including email signatures and the Make It badge to demonstrate creative solidarity across Brixton.

Alongside the creative journal, a creative content fund has been launched to pay local creatives to make pieces for the IN BRIXTON channel and enable further nurturing of young talent during this challenging time.

“Covid-19 presents the biggest challenge to creative incomes possibly ever. If you want to help creatives stay afloat , and if you want to enjoy more fantastic content from the Brixton creative network then please consider donating so we are able to include more stories, exhibitions and support more content creation.”

As the introduction states IN BRIXTON is “a place to meet, a place to plan; a place to try and change the world”.

Make It in Brixton can be found on instagram, twitter and facebook.