Windrush Square toilets for rent – again

To let sign on the toilets in Brixton’s Windrush Square

The long-disused public toilets on Brixton’s Windrush Square are, once again, up for rent. The asking price is in excess of £50,000 a year.

Property company Sanderson Weatherall say the “unique opportunity”consists of “a decommissioned male and female subterranean public convenience split into two parts, each section with its own access point”.

It points out that there is there is no natural light to either section.

It says the 53 square metres of former public convenience would be for “alternative use”, subject to planning permission.

The toilets were previously offered for rent in 2016, but there were no takers.

To rent sign of the Windrush Square toilets
Another to rent sign on the Windrush Square toilets in 2016

It was suggested then that they could be used as a bar or café.

Campaigners against public urination and worse in Brixton have demanded that the toilets should be reopened.