“Interiors” – a new show by Karen Smith

If you have some spare time and are within reach of the Streatham/Tooting border, go along to to the Sproutarts gallery to see Karen Smith’s new exhibition which opened on 11 August. Karen’s work was on show in the Brixton Blog & Bugle’s summer art show last year, and we are familiar with her bold portraits and organic forms – hinting at seashores and landscapes – full of colour, confidence and drama.

In her latest show, she has developed new interests, but maintains the same strong technique. The subjects are arguably less challenging but in place of the upfront theatricality of her earlier work, she has opted for gentler narratives. Her interiors are more subdued, but each one takes you on a little journey. You arrive in the space and look around – exactly as you would for real. Happily there is no room for minimalism here as each piece offers plenty to explore. They are finely constructed and rendered stages for a mini-play. And Karen’s uninhibited confidence with colour is as joyful as ever.

Another interest is her work with flowers. A change from her earlier subjects, but no less engaging. Small but charming pieces can be yours for a modest price. But you should hurry. I visited Karen on her first day and she had already sold 12 pieces. “Interiors” runs until 22 August in Sproutarts, 74 Moyser Road, SW16 6SQ Instagram:Karen_smith57 https://karenelizsmith1.wixsite.com/website karenelizsmith1@gmail.com 07912227420