Share your ideas on the Domino Club’s future

Lloyd Leon, after whom the centre is named, speaking at the Brixton Domino Club’s annual awards ceremony in 2019. Lloyd Leon is a founder member of the club and was the first Black mayor of Lambeth

The Lloyd Leon Community Centre (LLCC) on Coldharbour Lane – still known to many as the Domino Club – is one of Brixton’s most significant institutions.

Founded in the aftermath of the 1981 riots with the assistance of Lord Scarman, whose report revealed the depths of oppression which sparked that uprising, it is a social centre and home to the Brixton Soup Kitchen and Brixton’s most successful sport team, the Brixton Dominoes Club.

As it approaches 40 years old, the centre is looking towards a future as an exciting and creative facility serving the local community.

The Ubele Initiative, an African diaspora led intergenerational social enterprise, is organising an online “ideas laboratory” on Saturday (4 July) so people can contribute their ideas for the future.

Its purpose is to:

  • Get a feel for the level of local interest (including, but not limited to, local organisations, community groups, people with first-hand experience of the Brixton Dominoes Club)
  • Build and gather a future ambition of the centre from multiple perspectives to make a performance that highlights its vision
  • Provide a lens on the centre’s contemporary experience of equality in Brixton 
  • Catalyse collaboration between disparate, diverse people and organisations
  • Explore, discover and champion new modes of shared creative performance, enabling hidden voices to be heard and championed within the collective experience
  • Understand who LLLC are; what the future looks like and how we might get there.
The Lloyd Leon Community Centre on Coldharbour Lane

After the laboratory session, Ubele will take the resulting learning, insight and information and run weekly online Zoom sessions to explore this material and create a public community performance event for August.

Ubele is calling on people who have an interest and want to make a contribution to the future of LLCC to participate in these weekly creative online sessions that will lead towards the performance.

It will be your opportunity to make new friends, share history and culture, learn new skills and have fun while being creative, they say.

Saturday’s session will be facilitated by Tony Cealy.

For more information, contact Michael Hamilton at

The online ideas laboratory event will run from 5pm to 7pm on Saturday 4 July.

Register free for the Saturday event