Only the cocktail is missing

Abby Jones finds the answer to food order boredom

Over the last few months, longing for the reopening of restaurants, I feel like I have tried and tested every takeaway near me.

Vietnamese food in cardboard boxes
In its own little brown boxes …

I have fallen into a pit of food order boredom, scrolling through the apps and ending up with the same stuff. When I heard that Banh Banh Brixton has reopened for takeaway, I jumped at the chance to get some good Vietnamese grub for a Friday night in. 

The food came quickly, and, credit to both Banh Banh and to the delivery driver, it all looked pretty perfect in its little brown boxes on arrival. Here’s what we got …

My favourite Vietnamese food, the summer roll, did not disappoint. The tofu summer rolls were tightly wrapped in sticky rice paper, stuffed with fresh herbs, lettuce, mushrooms and served with a fresh soy dipping sauce. 

The roti soy chicken rice bowl consisted of steamed jasmine rice served with their house pickled slaw, topped with spring onion, with a hearty amount of succulent soy chicken tossed throughout.

Star of the show was the BBQ aubergine

Our tofu bun noodle salad was another success. The salad is a mushroom and tofu mix on vermicelli noodles, finished with crunchy shallots, peanuts and a delicious Vietnamese sauce. I love that this menu caters for meaties, veggies and vegans. You know that regardless of the dish, if you’re eating chicken or tofu, you can rely on their classic Vietnamese flavours to pack a punch. 

The star of the show was the BBQ aubergine, full length, charcoal grilled aubergine slices with a fish sauce dressing, decorated simply with some coriander, onions and peanuts. Sweet, soft and smokey, this is the proper way to treat an aubergine. There are some things you just can’t make taste so delicious at home …

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the sticky chicken wings from the order. I was a very sad vegetarian watching my foodie friend get messy with these. A shiny and sweet fish sauce glaze balances the bite of the garlic and chili. You have to get down and dirty with these, so keep your kitchen roll close by. 

The takeaway menu is slimmed down but by no means less in flavour. The only thing missing is the luxury of one of their amazing cocktails to wash it all down with.

I look forward to Banh Banh opening their doors (for real) again soon, when I can get one of those down me. Until that happy day, you can order on the phone and collect, or find them on your usual app. 

Banh Banh website 

Call and collect on 020 7737 5888


  1. Love Banh Banh! Reopening of the Brixton branch has really made my day!! I’ll be tucking into the delicious pho noodles immediately!

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