Black Lives Matter protest in Brixton

Several hundred Black Lives Matter protestors marched through the streets of Brixton and Stockwell today (1 June)  in a show of solidarity with the movement in the USA and to highlight racism here.

The crowd was young, angry, mixed and led by Women Of Colour who chanted “Black Lives Matter”, “No Justice: No Peace – No Racist Police”, “Your Silence Is Racism”, “I Can’t Breathe”, “Say My Name: George Floyd” and “Say My Name: Belly Mujina” (the Govia Thameslink Railway  worker who died from Covid-19 after being spat on while on duty).

Black Lives Matter protest Brixton 1 June 2020

The march weaved through back streets and estates and was joined by several residents and passers-by, before pausing at the home in which Cherrie Groce was shot by police sparking the 1985 Brixton uprising.

Protestors then stopped traffic on Brixton Road before continuing to Vauxhall.

Activists are planning other protests in the coming days and weeks. 

Black Lives Matter protest Brixton 1 June 2020