Essential Lockdown Beats 2.0

Medya Gungor
Image: Jasryan Rai

Medya Gungor shares her current favourite tracks to spice up your lockdown playlists in June

After weeks of ambiguous changes and moments of exasperation, one of the liveliest months of the year is finally upon us and there is a lot to be grateful for.

With the sun having a seemingly permanent residency and the warmer evenings closing in, a shared feeling among many is that the lifting of certain restrictions has, in turn, lifted our spirits.

Despite the majority of us still fantasizing over a fresh trim and a trip to the nail shop, the ability to spend an unlimited amount of time outdoors has made a monumental difference to lockdown life.

With independent retailers slowly making plans to reopen and takeaway pints being firmly on the cards (The Sympathetic Ear and Bullfinch Brewery – you’re welcome!) Brixton has regained the upbeat, positive atmosphere that makes it such a desirable social setting during the summer.

The past few months have been an encompassing time for those who turn to art, music and poetry as not only a means of expression but to achieve an artistic fulfilment whilst making sense of the world around them.

As there has been so much to comprehend lately, this has resulted in some amazing collaborations and pieces by those who have embraced this time in their own creative space.

With this in mind, the following suggestions are a mix of artists and genres to accompany your weekend sessions throughout June in an attempt to fill the void left by the current pause on Brixton’s unbeatable nightlife.

On My Mind (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Diplo

This bouncing remix proves a solid example of a large house tune combined with a funky bassline and is the perfect remedy for those needing some disco energy in their lives.

Balaclava feat. MC Spyda, D Double E & Frisco (Skeptical remix) – Shy FX

Brixton’s club scene is no stranger to some outrageous d’n’b and Shy FX’s third drop in their ‘Raggamuffin Reloaded’ series of remixes is a large one – the others are also worth a listen!

Both of Us – Jayda G

The uplifting female vocals on Jayda G’s new release emulates a free-spirited summer vibe, bringing the familiarity of a well known house track that makes us feel like we could be at a festival or on a rooftop somewhere. Prince of Wales, anyone?

Friend – Original 1 Step Mix – Zed Bias

This version of Zed Bias’ record Friend with Children of Zeus celebrates the garage we know and love and is best enjoyed when reuniting with friends for the garden BBQs.

Drop The Pressure (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Claptone

After Claptone’s collaboration with Mylo earlier this year on an adaptation of 2004 banger Drop The Pressure, Purple Disco Machine’s Remix is a groovy reminder that every track he touches turns into a disco gem.