GreenBox launches online cannabidiol shop

cannabis leaves and cannibiolA new Brixton-based company GreenBox that promotes well-being products derived from cannabidiol (CBD) has launched online.  Paul Gurney launched in April after realising there was a place for lab tested plant-based wellness products. CBD claims to help with sleep, stress, anxiety and inflammation. Mention Brixton10 at checkout for Blog10% offer.

Gurney says: “Luckily, as we are an online business the disruption has been minimal, and we have noticed a lot of our customers are looking for natural remedies to combat the stress of the lockdown.  There is a lot of curiosity around CBD and we try to educate the consumer about it.   The product is completely legal and is non-psychoactive.”

A guide to CBD is on the GreenBox site.

Studies into the benefits to the user include the three most cited – inflammation, stress/anxiety relief and better sleep.  More details here  here.

Gurney says: “We want our customers to feel confident in the product they buy from us, so we lab test everything to ensure it meets our quality standards.   We are also here to educate and answer any questions the customers may have.

Paul Gurney founder of GreenBox online company
Paul Gurney founder of GreenBox

“We are users of the products ourselves, so we have lots of insight into which product might be best for the customer.   We also suggest clients try the “go low and slow” method.   Try a lower dosage and see how you react and then slowly up the dosage over tim

“A great place to start is with our Infinity Range of products.   The price point is lower without sacrificing quality.  A great entry level product is the full spectrum 250mg CBD drops.

“We have created a special discount for all readers to use for a limited time.  Plug in Brixton10 on check-out and you will get 10% off your purchase.”

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