Big thanks from Brixton’s smallest BMX riders

small boy with BMX bike
Junior rider Caelan appreciates one of the new mini-sized BMX bikes

Brixton BMX Club has thanked the organisers of The Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks events for a grant of £1,000 for new equipment from the Mighty Hoopla and Cross The Tracks 2019 Community Fund.

The club used the grant to purchase new BMX bikes and helmets.

Some of the club’s youngest riders had been having to use club bikes that were larger than suited them. So the funds were put to buying a number of mini-sized bikes for riders aged around five or six. A number of extra small helmets were also purchased to keep the youngest riders safe.

The bikes were put to good use in the club’s final few sessions before the lockdown restrictions.

“All of the Brixton BMX Club members would like to give sincere thanks to the Mighty Hoopla & Cross The Tracks 2019 Community Fund,” the club said.

“As soon as the lockdown restrictions are eased, the club will be able to begin functioning again and the youngest riders will be able to appreciate the new equipment!”


  1. I’m looking into bikes for my small 11 years old. He’s been riding a 20″ BMX, but needs something different as we head into better weather. I’m just trying to figure out how long a 24″ might last him…

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