We’re going on a beer hunt

Abby Jones recommends beers for home

beer glassesI miss the pub. And, although we are not at the shops so regularly either these days, I thought I’d put together a quick round up of the best tinnies/bottles that you can buy off the shelf, to bring some interest to your fridge. If you see any of these guys, grab a few, but leave some on the shelf for the rest of us …

Old reliable

Brewdog Dead PonyWith new branding but the same excellent taste, is Brewdog’s Dead Pony Club, my personal favourite beer to have in the fridge. 3.8% is the perfect amount of booze, making it an easy drinker, and it will go down well with any of your store cupboard culinary creations … It’s a bit fruity and a bit hoppy, and a very easy drinker. As Brewdog says, it’s the “mule” of their beer range, sitting bang in the middle of flavour and ease.

Get a kick from your can…

Beavertown LupuloidIn most supermarkets you can get at least one of the Beavertown range. But if you see this anywhere and fancy a  try, grab yourself a can of the newest addition to the family, the Lupuloid. Coming in at a banging 6.7%, you’ll soon forget your lockdown woes. It’s a funky, citrusy, fruity IPA. One or two of these babies will certainly cheer up your Saturday living-room lockdown, but don’t have more than two in a sitting …

Cupboard ales

FurstyFerretThese chaps don’t need any refrigeration as they’d traditionally be served from a barrel, not chilled. They go very well with any slippers, and are said to be best enjoyed with a sock/sandal combination. So, pick up a few ales for your cupboard, if you don’t get around to drinking them during this lockdown, I am sure they’ll be excellent currency for some post-climate-breakdown apocalyptic bartering. Top ales to be found on the shelf: Fursty Ferret, Bishops Finger, Hobgoblin

Alcoholic ginger beer

CrabbiesIt’s spring! Can you feel it (when you open your window for five minutes per day)? Although we can’t enjoy the cherry blossoms up close, we certainly can appreciate the knowledge of spring, and there’s never been a better time to crack open a Crabbies. I love this stuff, it’s very sweet, but holds a heck of a ginger kick, and is yummy over ice, served with a bit of lime.


ErdingerEveryone seems to have forgotten about Brexit since everything else happened. Three months ago we weren’t sure if we’d be allowed into the rest of Europe, now there’s no chance. Alas, if we can’t go to the Weissbier, let the Weissbier come to us! There’s a great selection in most supermarkets, from Blue Moon (serve with a slice of orange) to the classic Erdinger, my favourite of the wheat beers on shelves.


While watching the news on repeat may seem easier with a can of something cold, we certainly don’t need to add a banging hangover to our current list of worries. If you want a seriously good beer that doesn’t pack the percentage, try and pick up either some BrewDog Nanny state, or any of the Big Drop alcohol free range (in particular, Citra Pale Ale is delicious).

Not into going out?

If you don’t feel like playing beer connoisseur in the chilled section of a supermarket, but do fancy sprucing up your fridge with some exciting beers that you can’t otherwise get into your home tankard, you can order a taste of Brixton online, from Brixton Brewery

stay home beer festival logoLondon Beer Lab are doing a “stay at home beer festival pack”

Ghost Whale are still open for business via their online shop and delivery service

Canopy Beer is doing the same, with their mixed boxes for delivery, but don’t waste time, they are selling fast.

Bullfinch Brewery in Herne Hill is delivering on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to SW9, SW2 and other nearby postcodes.

Clarkshaws in Loughborough Junction is also delivering locally free, or you can arrange a pick-up. They warn of some delays in delivery for the rest of April.