Turn it UP for Unity

Medya Gungor on the DIY isolation parties we need to empower our minds and maintain unity

Hand holding smartphone with Houseparty app

It’s safe to say that March has panned out a little unexpectedly for Brixton’s music lovers.

What was set to be another wicked month for our live gigs and music scene has undoubtedly been hit by the profound, life-changing implications of the coronavirus pandemic.

What started as quieter streets, a few cancelled events and pubs offering quarantine pints escalated to us seeing our most beloved venues reluctantly closing their doors for the foreseeable future.

The current lockdown circumstances have meant profound changes to what is now our everyday lives and subsequently the weekend motion.

If you’re anything like me, instead of burning holes into the ground at Phonox on a Saturday night, the kitchen has become my certified rave cave.

Even the soulful sounds I’m missing from The Blues Kitchen have seen me relentlessly channelling my inner Aretha in the shower, much to the delight of my housemates.

As I’ve discovered during my first week of isolation, there are myriad ways to remain connected to one another through a shared love of music. More importantly, it is crucial for our wellbeing at this time to do so.

Embrace your radio stations. Tune in to live DJ sets and virtual festivals to bring the necessary vibes through your speakers. Welcome the nostalgic memories by digging up your old attic records and make time to finally download those albums you’ve “been meaning to listen to”.

Set up Houseparty and Zoom parties with your friends and a designated DJ. Sometimes all you need is a Boiler Room set on YouTube and a dancefloor …

Whether you’re skanking out to old DnB bangers on your drive to the supermarket, or spinning your own sunny reggae sessions from your garden, turn the volume UP.

If there was ever a time we need to call on music to empower our minds and unify us while socially separated, this is it.