Local author publishes Folk Tales from Jalingo

Author Femi OsewaLocal author Femi Osewa has just published Simi Visits Grandma – Folk tales from Jalingo. It’s a story of a young girl who visited her grandmother for the first time. Available on Amazon for £6.87.

Inspired by the folk tales of Western Nigeria, Femi created a captivating story of his own in this two-part beautifully illustrated book. Part one explores the everyday life of the young girl and her parents, living in a quiet suburb of the city. The story climaxes with the second part – cast in a fictional animal kingdom Jalingo – that explores attributes such as greed and courage, portrayed by the actions of the lead animal character.

Femi says: “I have been fascinated by folk tales since I was a child. While growing up in the small town of Akure, in Western Nigeria, my grandmother would sit us children down and narrate captivating tales, mostly involving animals and their interactions with humans.

“I drew inspiration from personal experience, and have given some background information to various names and terms, so that readers from all backgrounds can better relate to the characters.

“I hope the book appeals to the child in you and that you will find it as fascinating to read as I have in writing it.”

If you are fascinated by fantasy, then you can’t go wrong by allowing yourself to be carried away into Jalingo as grandmother narrates the exploits of Ìjàpá, the courageous, brave but stupid tortoise who set his mind on upsetting the order of the animal kingdom.

Read more here: www.femiosewa.com