Squire’s winter windows in shortlist for international award


Squire & Partners Winter Windows installation created last year in collaboration with Hill Mead Primary school children has been shortlisted for an international design award.

The Frame Awards recognises excellence in interior design. The winning projects will represent the best-in-field designs, showcasing innovation and “thought-leadership”.

The category that the Brixton school and architecture firm are shortlisted in is “Window Display of the Year”.

To show your support you can vote here. https://www.frameawards.com/user/login

Now in its third year, Winter Windows is a collaboration between a group of children aged from 8 to 11 and designers from Squire and Partners.

In 2017 the practice worked with Stockwell Primary, In 2018 the designs were by children from Hill Mead primary school. This year’s collaboration was created with pupils from Landsdowne school.Over the course of two workshops run by the practice, children were challenged to create expressive winter shapes using a continuous line of light.

Children explored these alongside more traditional winter symbols such as snowflakes, sweets and gingerbread figures, drawing with pencils on paper and testing out the ideas with a “line of light”.

Children from Hill Mead Primary with their illuminationsA second workshop in Squire and Partners focussed on testing ideas and working up a final design.

Armed with paper, pens, string and pipe cleaners, the children progressed initial ideas, which were then tested in rope or the “line of light” on a large floor area.

Each child presented their final idea with either pipe cleaners or string on a sheet of A4.

A panel of judges from Squire and Partners selected eight designs varying from ice skaters to steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

Occupying an entire window along the street, each bespoke light is made using a sheet of Perspex with a coloured LED light set into it.

Winter Windows will be part of Brixton’s Christmas Light display throughout December and January.

Squires' Julia Nicholls counts down the switch-on of the displays
Squires’ Julia Nicholls counts down the switch-on of the displays