Brixton Youth Open Mic events

Malachi plays at September's Brockwell Park event
Malachi plays at September’s Brockwell Park event

After the success of September’s festival event in Brockwell Park, Junior Open Mic is organising two more events for young performers:

Brixton Youth Open Mic will be on Saturday 9 November, from 1 pm to 3 pm at the mezzanine, Brixton Ritzy – just turn up to take part.

JOM Session 18 will be on Sunday 10 November, from 2 pm to 4-30 at Off the Cuff Music Bar near Herne Hill station. If your child is interested in performing, arrive at 1.45 pm to register and email organiser Andy Gray beforehand to help him organise the session:


Young performer at junior open mic at Brockwell Park
Super Luca 7, who produces his own music with Apple’s GarageBand app

Earlier in the summer, the second Junior Open Mic festival outside Brockwell Hall was another great success with act after act of talented local youngster watched by parents, friends and passers-by in warm late-summer sunshine.

An eight-year-old fronted a rock band in miniature and teenagers performed their own songs – all helped by professionals from the music industry.

RIP, a four-piece fronted by eight-year-old singer Ben
RIP, a four-piece fronted by eight-year-old singer Ben

Thirty-two acts (totalling 54 young artists with an average age of 12) performed, before Voice Kids 2019 winner, 13-year-old Sam Wilkinson, closed the four-hour event.

Brockwell Park Community Partners, who organised insurance and other key services, were joined by other local sponsors to back the event.

Jordan Nash, 13, who already has a career in film and television

Organiser Andy Gray of Junior Open Mic (JOM), the parent-led community group behind the festival, said it confirmed our part of South London as a hotspot for youth music. As well as several Brixton-based charities using music to work with young people, within a two-mile radius of Brockwell Park are four independent JOMs – including the largest and second largest in the UK.

Local Junior Open Mics:
Junior Open Mic – Sundays @ Off The Cuff Music Bar, Herne Hill (contact for dates)
Brixton Youth Open Mic – Ritzy Cinema mezzanine – second Saturday of the month at 1pm
West Norwood Feast – Junior Open Mic
Longfield Hall Youth Jam – Myatts Field

Fin, who gave an arresting performance of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain
Fin, who gave an arresting performance of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain