Brixton’s summer of ‘slime’

Children playing with slime doughSlime Planet on Loughborough Junction, the UK’s only slime venue will be holding slime workshops every day of the week during school holidays. All workshops end with the cooperative creation of a GIANT SLIME.

The slime has been developed by slime scientists, to ensure it is safe and non-toxic.

Slime Planet’s founder, Nishi Bowan Saville, says:  “Kids love the creativity of creating their own slime and getting messy, and we offer an amazing space for them to do that.  Plus, children are absolute connoisseurs of slime, and we’ve had great feedback on our slime formulas, whether its the Original Slime, Glow Slime, or Easter Egg Slime.  We can’t wait to see what the kids think of our Summer recipe, Poppin’ Candy Slime.

Children stretching slime dough

“The thing that’s gone down especially well is the finale of all our workshops – creating a GIANT SLIME.  We love seeing the kids work together to do something really fun that they’d never get to do at home.  When they work together to create a giant slime, it really does feel like there’s a bit of magic in the air!”

Daily from 20 July ’til 18 August, Slime Planet will run 1 Hour Workshops at 11am, 1pm & 3.30pm.

Tickets: £13.50 per child. To book visit

Arch 494 Rathgar Rd, London, SW9 7EP