Brixton Calling: Mary Seacole, determination and compassion

Mary Seattle. ©National Portrait Gallery
Mary Seacole ©National Portrait Gallery

Determination and compassion are threads running through the life of Trevor Sterling, a top lawyer and chair of the Mary Seacole Trust, and that of Mary Seacole herself. Now Mary Seacole is to be the subject of a major film drama.

Delores William talks to Trevor about his work and the 14-year campaign that resulted in the unveiling, as recently as 2014, of the first-ever statue in Britain of a named Black woman.

They also discuss the role of Black women in society – including Trevor’s mother, who used to work night shifts in Brixton – and the Windrush scandal.

Trevor Sterling
Trevor Sterling
The Mary Seattle statue at St Thomas' hospital in London
The Mary Seacole statue at St Thomas’ hospital in London




  1. Isn’t it Seacole, not Seattle as referred to below her portrait and the statue images?

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