Brixton Domino club happy to comply on licensing

Domino tournament
Domino tournament

Lambeth council’s licensing sub-committee, which in December considered an application by the Metropolitan police to review the Brixton Domino Club’s certificate that included several allegations of violent and criminal activity at the Coldharbour Lane club, has placed some restrictions on the club.

Dr Mahamed Hashi, chair of the club committee said it was more than happy to comply with the decision. At the committee he had contested many of the police allegations. The club is also home to the Brixton Soup Kitchen and Lawyers in the Soup Kitchen.

The licensing committee said that, based on the evidence before it, “it is clear that there had been a long period of engagement with the club and the responsible authorities over a period of at least one year. “During this time some progress had been made but not enough to assuage the concerns the responsible authorities had raised with the club during this time”

Restrictions placed on the club include:

No entry or re-entry to the premises after midnight, except for smokers in a clearly defined area. CCTV to be upgraded and images retained for a minimum of 31 days.

All patrons to be searched prior to entry when door supervisors are on duty. A membership card and signing in and out system to be introduced. The club has been given until 31 March 2018 to install and operate a new electronic membership scanning system and is to close at 2.30am on Friday and Saturday and 2am on Sunday.

Full details of the Licensing sub committee decision here.

Brixton’s domino team, based at the club, have triumphed in this year’s Anglo Caribbean Domino League (ACDL), beating Wolverhampton by a wide margin (131-109) in the UK finals in Birmingham. See previous post