DIY COCKTAILS: Turtle Bay’s Marley Mohito

Lively up yourself, or your late summer BBQ party, with a colourful Caribbean twist on the classic Cuban cocktail with fresh ginger and watermelon. From the guys who know their rum at Turtle Bay.


4 fresh lime wedges
8 fresh mint leaves
25ml Appleton signature rum
12.5ml watermelon syrup
Fresh watermelon purée
Ginger beer
12.5ml green melon liqueur


In a tall glass tumbler, muddle the lime wedges.
Slap mint leaves and add to the glass.
Add Appleton signature rum and watermelon syrup.
Puree a slice of fresh watermelon and add a couple of splashes.
Add half a glass of crushed ice and churn.
Top up glass with ice.
Add ginger beer and float melon liqueur on top. | @Turtlebayuk