Laid Bare at Brixton East – William Poyer album launch

William Poyer at Brixton East. Photo by Petra Gent
William Poyer at Brixton East. Photo by Petra Gent

Thursday night brought an impressive line up to the Laid Bare Live catalogue. Showcasing seven acts in the sublime setting of Brixton East I was reminded of how lucky we are in South London not only with the musical talent that we have so close to home, but also the beautiful venues.

This talent is not limited to performers, but also those who bring them to the public’s eye. This is particularly so in the case of Laid Bare’s Rami Radi, who never fails to deliver excellence in his choice of performers.

One of the standout features of the Laid Bare nights is the diversity on offer in terms of musical genre and stage persona. Thursday’s line up was no exception.

William Poyer
William Poyer. Photo by Petra Gent

The night followed the recent release of Laid Bare Records second recording. William Poyer, originally from Wales, spent the last three years working on songs for his album ‘Born Lucky’ that came out on the Laid Bare label last week. A very attentive audience were treated to a compelling set from William as part of the night’s proceedings. His beautifully gravelly vocals and Americana blues stylings produced a powerful performance.

The first act of the night was indie electronica duo Chalk.  Jonny Breakwell and Josh Fowley  were also joined by Annie Wagstaff to produce an energetic opening set. Their singer-songwriter background is clearly apparent through their beautifully complex arrangements and impressively individual vocals.

Always a treat at these events is the appearance of Our Man in the Field. His distinctive voice and intimate delivery of his beautifully crafted songs brought definite warmth to the room. A stripped down and amiable performance.

Them & Us
Ami Carmine of Them&Us. Photo by Petra Gent

A welcome return from Bristol born Rob Bravery added an ethereal vibe in the form of Rob’s alternative electronic sounds scattered with twinkly piano phrases. His hypnotic vocals adding another level to the melodies as he ranged from bass to falsetto with ease.

Rami suggested that the audience leave a space in front of the stage when introducing Them&Us. With wonderfully poppy vibes interspersed with beat boxing and eye catching stage presence, each band member got their chance to take the limelight. The set began with an energetic dance sequence from the keyboard player. The powerful beat boxing delivered by Lee Michael (aka Killa Kela) and ex Basement Jaxx singer Ami Carmine’s enchanting vocals continued to thrill the room throughout the set.

Just when you think it’s getting to the point that the evening will begin to wind down, Joe Corbin steps out and completely pulls the rug from under your feet. A performer who appears to be completely immersed in his rock & blues music, with vocals reminiscent of Joe Cocker, but with a very modern twist on blues song writing. I don’t think there was a single audience member who wasn’t gripped throughout his playing.

And how do you end an evening with so many top class performers? With Zach Said, a singer-songwriter with a little bit of funk and a little bit of soul. His beautifully mellow sound delivered the perfect end to the evening, and got the whole room jiggling along to the beats.

Keep an eye out for the next Laid Bare Presents at Brixton East and regular nights at Fu Manchu in Clapham and The Century Club – head to the website for details.