Guilty verdict in Brixton shooting murder

Shades Cadette
Shaden Cadette

A man who shot dead another man following what is believed to be a trivial dispute in Brixton was yesterday (12 January) found guilty of murder.

An Old Bailey jury heard how Shaden Cadette, 23, of Marcella Road, Brixton, shot Ogarra Dixon, 24, also of Brixton, on Tuesday, 16 June last year.

The two met in Marcella Road and, after a brief altercation, Cadette produced a gun and aimed it at Ogarra who fled, managing to avoid a first shot. A second hit him in the back. He managed to continue for some time before collapsing in Marcella Road.

Police were called to King’s College Hospital in the early hours of the next day to investigate reports reports of a seriously injured man there. The man – identified as Ogarra Dixon – was pronounced dead soon after.

He had been driven to hospital in his own car by three men.

Police said Shaden Cadette was identified by CCTV enquiries before being traced to a hotel next to Heathrow Airport where he was arrested on 26 June by detectives from the homicide and major crime command.

Ogarra Dixon
Ogarra Dixon

Despite his refusal to cooperate with the investigation or to answer any questions, police said CCTV and forensic evidence against him was overwhelming.

Detective Chief Inspector Will Reynolds, who led the investigation, said: “Although he has never revealed what sparked this fatal confrontation, it is believed to be a petty dispute which escalated and led to Ogarra’s untimely death.

“This case serves as a reminder of the havoc and misery gun crime can bring to the capital’s streets.

“I hope today’s verdict goes some small way to helping Ogarra’s family and loved ones move on from this awful episode.

“I would like to thank those who came forward and provided information.”