My Brixton Top Five – Rosie Wilby, comedian

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    Local Funny Women finalist and BBC Radio 4 regular Rosie Wilby gives us her top five places in Brixton for comedic inspiration. Rosie is performing at Upstairs at the Ritzy on Tuesday 7 July at 7pm.

    1. Brockwell Lido ladies changing rooms

    It goes without saying that the Lido is a brilliant place to go swimming. But, for a comedian, it’s important to loiter in the places where the gossip is going on. In the ladies’ changing rooms, there are endless eavesdropping possibilities. There’s a great sense of cooperation and searches for lost hats and goggles.

    I’d love to spy on the men’s changing rooms too – but am worried I may get banned. I will have to send a male comedian in for me.

    2. Brixton Specsavers  

    I recently had my eye test here and, whilst the staff were very friendly, they do seem to make an art of being slow. An older gentleman assisted me and reminded me of Julie Walters’ ancient doddery waitress in the famous ‘two soups’ Victoria Wood sketch.

    3. The 37 bus

    Talking of slow, the 37 can be a somewhat erratic bus which turns up when it feels like it, often defying the countdown system and sometimes turning into a ‘ghost bus’ that disappears altogether. Stand at the stop to observe anger and frustration management techniques.

    4. Brixton post office

    The queue here always tells a million stories. There’s always a kid getting slapped or somebody tutting.

    5. Brockwell park

    The walled garden can be a bit of a psychedelic experience in the summer when they put on kids’ shows. A man in bear costume could appear from behind a rose bush at any moment. I also recently spotted a man with a metal detector enthusiastically singing my friend Lorraine Bowen’s Crumble song after her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent.



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