Brixton arches evictions: “we won’t go down without a fight”

A & C continental deliTenants on Atlantic Road facing eviction have vowed to fight against the move.

Earlier this week Network Rail told tenants on Atlantic Road and Brixton Station Road, from Brixton Road to Pope’s Road, that they will have to vacate their premises within the next six months so refurbishment of the arches can begin.

They have offered them no guarantee that they will be able to return once the work is finished.

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Ian, 62, who has worked at the fishmongers on Atlantic Road for 28 years, says the news has left everyone “stunned.”

“Its your livelihood, its what you do. They’ve offered us £1000 relocation cost, but we don’t want to relocate. We’ve been here since 1932. My father worked here for 55 years.

“They want to replace us with a River Island or a Morrisons who will pay the massive increase in rent once the development is done. But we are part of Brixton. The regulars have come up to me today asking ‘when are you going? what can we do?’

“We don’t know what’s going to happen but we won’t go down without a fight.”

Carlos, who works in A&C Continental Grocers, the deli that has been there for over 25 years, said: “Who are they doing this for? We’ve not interaction with Network Rail (apart from one letter) and they haven’t guaranteed that we can come back. I think that shows their intentions.

“Lambeth Council should do something, we’re part of the community. Brixton people have shown us great support in the last few days, hopefully the council will listen.”

Over 6,000 have signed the petition to stop the evictions of the railway arches traders. Click here to sign it and share it on social media



  1. Having visited Brixton recently as an out of town visitor I didn’t realise just what a great atmosphere and sense of community this place has, attributes most other places have lost or never had. What a change from the usual bland mix of High street stores that blight this country.
    I really hope that Network rail can be convinced to change their mind .This would be a disaster for this area.
    Sign the petition and end this vandalism of a community

  2. […] out it wasn’t a joke. This week brought news that Network Rail wants to redevelop the railway arches on Atlantic Road as far up as Pope’s Road. The business learned that they must vacate by May 2015 and they wouldn’t be guaranteed first […]

  3. The heart of Brixton is in grave danger of being ripped apart by the proposed plans by Network Rail.

    With the utterly insulting offer of £1,000 has been made to one trader to relocate, a family business that has been there for 25 years, their vision to continue their unique and thriving business is under serious threat. My feeling is Network Rail could offer this family £1million and it would be rightly rejected.

    During the post war period, Brixton Market, brought new life to the neighbourhood of Brixton, by reflecting the cultural diversity of the area through the market stalls.

    Regeneration comes at too big a price when it takes the soul and spirit out of a community, not to mention to the detriment of people’s livelihoods.

    London, like many cities in Britain, are steeped in history which creates the backbone to our cultural diversity and communities. What I fear with ‘revitalisation’ projects such as this one proposed by Network Rail, is abolishing our proud history which communities have greatly contributed too.

    Ultimately, the proposed regeneration of Brixton Arches, is an unwelcome invasion of the personality of Brixton.

  4. These businesses are amongst the best in Brixton. The food shops offer choice far removed from the bland mini-supermarkets that are a disease on the hightstreet. British Rail should get its snout out of the trough and respect community wishes. Lambeth Council must stop this or we will vote them out.

  5. I remember going to the fish mongers with my mother to buy some kippers when I was younger!! The fish mongers on Altantic road has been in the same spot for as far as I can remember and they are always so friendly. Please leave Brixton alone now. Brixton has changed far enough – Buzz off !!!!

  6. This Deli and the lovely, lovely people who run it and work there is one of the places that makes Brixton a great neighbourhood and it’s these people and their own businesses that are Brixton’s asset. Keep out those destructive boring faceless chains, the bulldozing of Brixton’s long standing communities ha got to stop!

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