Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables in Brixton

Brindisa carrots

I never tire of the choice of fruit and vegetables in Brixton and curse when I have to go to the supermarket instead, but it can be overwhelming to know where to go with so many options around. Here’s a useful guide on where is good for seasonal winter fruit and vegetables, especially at Christmas:

Nour Cash and Carry, Market Row: if the Nour doesn’t stock it I’d be surprised. They keep everything and the choice and turnover change daily to serve a huge clientele. Look out for winter staples such Brussel sprouts, kale and shallots. You’ll also find well priced bunches of fresh herbs and a good selection of pumpkin. It’s equally good for seasonal fruit and vegetables the rest of the year at great prices.

A&C Deli, 3 Atlantic Road: the place in Brixton for persimmons, fresh chestnuts and quinces. They also stock Jerusalem artichokes, small crunchy cucumbers and giant Portobello mushrooms. Don’t miss the dried fruits as well.

Terry’s, Electric Avenue: this stall is found on the Market Row corner of Electric Lane and Electric Avenue. A real South London Cockney, Terry buys daily from New Covent Garden and will order items for you if you smile sweetly. Perfect for parsnips and swedes.

Phil’s Fruit + Veg, 1st Avenue, Brixton Village: the best place around from freshly cut yams and a selection of sweet potatoes. Also good for green banana and plantain. Phil supplies many of the restaurants in the Village.

Fruit and veg stall, under bridge at Pope’s Road and Atlantic Road: this stall is excellent for fruit all year round at great prices. Lovely apples, pears, plums and a variety of oranges for your stocking at this time of year.

Brindisa, 41-43 Atlantic Road: a stunning variety of peppers, chillis, salad leaves, heritage root vegetables and fresh nuts this is just the place to treat yourself at Christmas.

Esme’s, Market Row: specialising in Caribbean produce, this is the place for organic veg in Brixton. Get the best breadfruit here or fresh sorrel flowers for a taste of Jamaica at Christmas.

Brixton Farmers’ Market, Brixton Station Road (Sundays only) a small selection of quality produce stalls stock seasonal fruit and vegetables at reasonable prices. It’s great to watch the seasons pass in sync with what’s available and it’s exciting when you can see the weather changing with the incoming fruit and vegetables.