Know anyone who was at Lilford Daycare in 1982?



Recognise anyone in this 1982 photo of the Lilford Daycare Centre on Eastlake Rd? Did you used to go to Lilford? The Lilford Daycare Centre is holding a reunion this Friday and they’re on the hunt for anyone who used to be looked after there. It’s a surprise party for Jan Kirk, who co-founded Lilford in 1975 and is retiring after 39 years. Apparently she doesn’t “do Twitter or online” but if you know her don’t spoil the surprise! We especially love the ‘I’m backing Brixton’ T-shirt in this pic.

Here’s a lovely extract about the Lilford story on their website.
Our story starts way back in 1972 with two mothers and several children between them living on a pre-war estate in Brixton. They realised that there were a lot of children on the estate of various age groups who did not have anything to occupy their time.With no affordable local childcare around the parents who wanted to seek employment or higher education could not afford to.The two friends, with help from the community decided to do something about it.

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