Tulse Hill Hotel welcomes locals with free drinks and food

The facade of the new hotel
The facade of the new hotel

Last night (Wednesday 19 November) local residents turned out en masse to the launch of a new hotel in Lambeth.

The Tulse Hill Hotel (THH) celebrated opening its doors by offering free food and drinks to the community, young and old alike.

Long standing Tulse Hill resident Dave Rogers remembers the venue  in its previous incarnation.

Dave said: “I used to come in here quite regularly and it was going more and more downhill. It’s a lovely surprise to see what the new management have done to the place, it’s really nicely done up.”

The hotel also features a bar and restaurant with food prepared by River Cottage chef, Daniel Stevens.

Claire Hothy, THH waitress, said: “The food here is really innovative. I love focus on sharing mains. The ‘whole fish’ dish is amazing, at the moment it’s Turbot and it’s delicious.”

THH employees Claire Hothy and Sam Watson hand out free cocktails.
THH employees Claire Hothy and Sam Watson hand out free cocktails.

As well as residents, local publicans have also welcomed the new addition to SW2.

Ed Palmer, Manager at The White Hart, said: “It’s really good for the area, it show’s Tulse Hill is improving because it’s so upmarket.”

See the Tulse Hill Hotel website for more information.


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