IN PICTURES: Stunning Brockwell Park fireworks 2014 images by Gavin Freeborn

Fireworks lit up Brockwell Park in London. All pictures here by Gavin Freeborn

This year’s Brockwell Park fireworks, which saw people charged for tickets for the first time, were certainly not free from controversy.

But as these beautiful pictures by Gavin Freeborn show, it was smiles, oohs and ahhs for many of those in the park as they enjoyed the festivities.

See more stunning images on Gavin’s website, where he has set about documenting Brixton in pictures:

Mehki, Nadine & Mylah Nicole from Stockwell Waiting for the Fireworks. Picture by Gavin Freeborn
An explosion of colour. Picture by Gavin Freeborn
James & Bex from Crystal Palace. Picture by Gavin Freeborn




The Prince Regent and Dulwich Road were buzzing after the whizz bangs. Picture by Gavin Freeborn
Fireworks 1
Emma, Roanne, Emma & Stephanie. Picture by Gavin Freeborn
Tired information board makes typo (we’ve all been there). Picture by Gavin Freeborn

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