Vote for a Brixton hero on the new Brixton Pound note


The Brixton Pound is nearly five years old and the group are producing a commemorative bank note to celebrate.

They want Brixtonites to vote for a ‘Brixton hero’ to appear on the bank note – someone who isn’t famous but who contributes to the community in much more fundamental ways, by helping the elderly,cleaning streets, inspiring young people, or campaigning for social and economic justice.

Previous people on the bank notes have been famous names, including the scientist James Lovelock, basketball player Luol Deng and Brixton-born David Bowie.

To vote for your Brixton hero, send their name by Thursday August 14 to with the word ‘HERO’ in the subject and the name of your hero, with an explanation as to why, in the body of the email.


  1. ‘Sir’ John Major, a fellow Brixtonite who blended easily with the immigrants.

    “as a young man when he lived in modest circumstances with his family in Brixton, south London.

    Sir John said: “There was a different social value placed on immigration. I saw immigration at very close quarters in the 1950s.

    “They shared my house. They were my neighbours. I played with them as boys. I didn’t see people who had come here just to benefit from our social system. I saw people with guts and the drive to travel halfway across the world in many cases to better themselves and their families.”

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