Brixton Rec staff member celebrates 25 years of service


Brixton Rec this month honoured a member of staff who has been working at the recreation centre for 25 years. Tunde Shodimu started in 1989, just four years after the Rec first opened its doors, and is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the building.

The Rec is close to Tunde’s heart. He told the Brixton Blog: “It’s very, very important. It’s an iconic building, a community centre which every member of the community appreciates. I believe I am serving the community as well.” To celebrate his 25th year, Tunde was given £250 worth of leisure centre vouchers. Brixton Rec manager Darren Pope said: “Tunde is a very popular member of the Brixton team. He is always smiling and brings a smile to everyone’s face with his infectious laugh. He has seen many changes over the years and still remains a huge part of our success in bringing a good level of service to the Brixton Community. He deserves all of the attention and rewards for his 25 years of service at Brixton.”