Inspirational outdoor photo exhibition launched in Loughborough Junction

This week the Loughborough Junction Action Group (LJAG) has launched Made in Loughborough Junction, an innovative outdoor photographic exhibition. 

There are 22 portraits of artists, makers and artisans who have chosen to work in the Loughborough Junction area.  The photographs have been taken by award-winning portrait and documentary photographer Giles Duley and four young people – Hayden Martin, Kalina Gordon, Amy Finch and Zulieka Taylor – who worked with Giles during a week-long course in the February half-term holiday.

Local artist Melvyn Petterson's poster in Loughborough Junction
Local artist Melvyn Petterson’s poster in Loughborough Junction
There are portraits of printers, stone-cutters, button dyers, basket-makers, sculptors and the Loughborough Women’s Group Creative Circle.  The exhibition, which will last a month, will be mounted on four railway bridges in and around Loughborough Junction and the aim of the exhibition is to reveal the hidden creativity that exists in Loughborough Junction.

LJAG Co-Chair Anthea Masey told the Brixton Blog:  “Loughborough Junction is brimming over with creativity. In every nook and cranny there is someone doing something creative.  Most of this takes place in tucked-away studios often in one of the railway arches that are such a feature of our neighbourhood.  Many residents are totally unaware of this hive of activity so as well as promoting  Loughborough Junction to the wider world the exhibition will also reveal the community to itself and hopefully will inspire young people to widen their horizons.”

Giles Duley is an award-winning portrait and documentary photographer who was badly injured after stepping on an explosive device in Afghanistan.  In spite of his injuries he continues to work in very challenging situations. He has recently taken photographs for Save the Children of children born to Syrian refugees in a Jordanian refugee camp that were featured in the Observer.

All four students who attended Giles Duley’s course obtained a bronze arts award, the award work was supervised by Lizzie King at Electric Lane’s Photofusion.

Check out a few of the posters in our online gallery below and for more information  contact Anthea Masey on