Lambeth council launch £85,000 contest for Popes Road Ice Rink site

Ice rink site 1Lambeth council have launched a competition for people who want to run a 4,000 sq m site in the centre of Brixton.

The council’s Future Brixton team have teamed up with the Brixton Market Traders’ Federation BMTF to announce the contest for the space formerly occupied by the temporary ice rink and, originally, by the Popes Road car park.

The ‘Meanwhile’ site will be given to a company or organisation for two years, along with an £85,000 seed-funding grant, before it is totally redeveloped as part of the Brixton Central regeneration plans.

Cllr Imogen Walker said she was ‘delighted’ today: “The project presents a fantastic opportunity to support local enterprise and employment in Brixton, a part of London with a rich history, a bright future and an active and engaged community.

plan-of-popes-road-site“While a challenging brief, we hope to encourage innovation and creativity from bidders and a commitment to working with local businesses and residents.”

She added: “This is a chance to be involved at a very exciting time in the regeneration of Brixton, with all it has to offer.”

The council said that rather than leave the space empty they wanted to add to the “buzz about Brixton” while promoting local enterprise and employment. As well as the winning ‘meanwhile’ project the space will include 42 extra parking spaces for the public and market traders.

VIDEO: The Popes Road car park was demolished to make way for the Ice Rink

The competition, which opened today, will close on March 16, which give wannabe spacemakers one month to put together their business plan.

The Future Brixton website goes on:

It’s a large space and will be available to use immediately. It’s mainly empty, so any structures you need will have to be built. Two years isn’t long to start up and recoup costs so we’re potentially offering up to £85,000 seed funding.

We want this space to be busy so it’s a great opportunity to experiment with new activities and events. Successful ideas might find a longer-term future in the re-development of the site.

We’re looking for a team who can design, construct, programme and manage the space – and can prove it. The team will be responsible for the site and the activities, including all insurances, permissions and licences.

We’re looking for a team who understands Brixton and we’ll want to know that you can develop activities with local residents and businesses.”

Think youve got what it takes? Read the full brief here:

Ice rink 4


  1. I remember years back the council running this competition with the rising Sun pub in Larkhall, local community hubs spent time and money putting in bids only for them all to be shot down and it turned into a recycle centre or something Lambeth…. will this really be given the support that’s needed?

  2. Ideal place for the market (that’s now in Electric Av). Both markets would be near each other. Then pedestrianise Electric Avenue so people can actually walk through central Brixton from the tube station to the the markets and Brixton Village etc. The way things are, the main road through Brixton Central is blocked by market stalls. It’s a crazy waste of Brixton’s most historic road.

  3. Yup, why not have an ice rink back there
    I used the brixton one, fantastic location, run correctly ideal for families and the young people in the area
    Very accessible by public transport too

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