Petition launched calling for an Overground stop at East Brixton station

Picture by Nick Catford via
Picture by Nick Catford via

Brixton residents have started a petition call on the Government to build a new station on the Overland rail link at Brixton East.

Following news on Brixton Blog that the council has initiated a feasibility study on the project, Annabel Kerley began the online petition.

In her post, Kerley calls on the Department for Transport to build a London Overground Station on the site of the old Brixton East station, which closed in the 1970’s.

She added: “This would have a huge impact on improving a deprived area of South London” before making the following bullet points:

  • Better transport links to jobs and facilities in East London (current bus services are slow and indirect, tube overcrowded and national rail provision disjointed)
  • Increase in footfall for local businesses
  • Assist with regeneration of Somerlyton Road area and Loughborough Junction

Sign the petition here.



  1. I have a flat right next to Brixton East so would benefit financially from this 🙂
    But seriously, Loughborogh Junction? I do not see that happening. Adding a station for speed up regeneration is not a good reason. he only place it could be justified from a practicality point of view is Brixton Central, to create an interchange. If this is too expensive – as we hear – then so be it. Better to spend the money on taking the tube southbound to Brixton Hill ( top, by the bus garage) to reduce the bus congestion and pollution, and then extend to Streatham. There is already a huge catchment there, and travel times from Streatham into the centre would be greatly reduced by offloading the buses.

  2. I agree that a Loughborough Junction interchange would be of huge benefit to South London. The Thameslink link would connect the West Hampstead Overground station with Loughborough Junction.

    An Overground station in Brixton proper would be my second-choice alternative because it would link with the existing Southeastern service to Victoria. And it would be a short walk to Brixton Tube. I understand this option would be too expensive due to the height and curve of the Overground tracks in Brixton.

    East Brixton does not really help many people at all. I don’t know how you would justify this.

  3. This would be good, but it’d be much more valuable at Loughborough Junction, given how much that’s crying out for regeneration. This aspiration is stated in the new local plan developed by members of the community.

  4. A station is highly unlikely to ever happen at Brixton Station due to the cost, so I think a station at East Brixton should definitely be explored further. It’s not that far to walk and it’s not only about interchange between the various lines (which admittedly would be helpful) but giving people another option if they want to travel over to East London.

  5. I don’t think this is the best site for the station though. It would be much better if it connected to the existing Brixton train station. It’s quite a walk from the station/tube otherwise so as a changeover would not work that well.

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