Musical ‘Walk of Fame’ proposed for Brixton

The 'Walk of Fame' on Astoria Walk would run the length of Brixton Academy
The ‘Walk of Fame’ on Astoria Walk would run the length of Brixton Academy (Photo: Alistair Hall)

Brixton’s rich musical history could be immortalised in a ‘Walk of Fame’, if proposals by Lambeth Councillor Steve Bradley are taken up.

Cllr Bradley wants to turn Astoria Walk, which runs between Stockwell Road (next to Brixton Academy) to Stockwell Park Road, into a visual reminder of Brixton’s prestigious musical lineage.

The walk would pay tribute to artists who were either born, raised, or lived in Brixton, including David Bowie, The Clash’s Paul Simonon and ska legend Laurel Aitken. It could also represent historic acts which have played at Brixton Academy over the years and bands formed in Brixton like Basement Jaxx and Alabama 3.

Brixton’s Crown and Anchor became the first ever rock ‘n’ roll in the UK, and Brixton has been a hub of musical creativity for over a century – ‘from Victorian music hall to Jamaican dancehall, from ska to punk, and from synth to drum and bass’, Cllr Bradley said.

He added: ‘Revitalising [Astoria Walk] as a music walk of fame would put Brixton on London’s musical tourism map, celebrate the town’s strong musical heritage, and turn a run-down laneway into an attractive public space for visitors and locals alike. I hope the council will give the idea its full support and help to make it happen’.


  1. This is a great idea and long overdue. I went on a walk recently led by Steve Wright as part of Lambeth Heritage Month, Steve is an expert on the black musical history of Lambeth and I learned a lot from the walk. The walk of fame wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to the huge black stars of the past such as Winifred Atwell, whom history seems to have forgotten. The walk of fame would give these forgotten stars the recognition they deserve.

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