Brixton takes a stand on Windrush Square

WHERE ARE WE AGAIN?: The Brixton bike stands previewed today. Photo courtesy of Jay Rayner
WHERE ARE WE AGAIN?: The Brixton bike stands previewed today. Photo courtesy of Jay Rayner

By Laurice Laird

Residents’ today got a sneak peak of new bike stands on Effra road in Brixton.

The feature on Windrush Square spells out the word Brixton. The stands cost £5,500, as funded by TfL allocation for public realm and cycling improvements.

Cllr Imogen Walker said: “The new Brixton sign welcomes people to the area and provides much needed extra bike parking in Windrush Square. The materials chosen match those used for the hugely successful revamp of the square.”

As this picture by Jay Rayner shows, the stands made a brief appearance today, but they have now been removed.

After 12 months of planning and consultations, the Brixton stands are expected to return for good shortly.


  1. surely as soon as bikes are locked to them you’re not going to be able to read that is says Brixton anyway.

  2. How about spending some money on gewtting the floor lights going, cleaning the paving slabs, clearing the litter. Brixton Windrush Square is now no better than the filth pit it was before all that hard earned money was spent on it – and all the drunks and wall pissers are back. Keep it clean and the undersirables will respect it or stay away.

  3. I went for a walk in the square last night. It was so filthy with spilt drinks, spit and God only knows what else, that my shoes were actually sticking to the floor! Lambeth have a street cleaning machine, but I’ve only ever seen it being used outside the town hall. To be honest, it was such a mess last night that you wouldn’t really want to admit to passers by that this is Brixton by writing it’s name in large letters on a cycle park.

  4. Hope they look a lot better than those outside the Brixton tube station, they are a right old state. Many have had parts of old bicycles chained to them for an eternity. Whilst they are at it, could they not remove the old phone boxes from outside the tube, no one uses them for calls, they also look a right old mess. I doubt they would work for calls anyway. Oh and some of the bins in the town centre absolutely stink when you pass them and the drains are chocked full of rubbish. All well and good putting up new signage but sort out the infrastructure that is already in place first.

  5. And who is responsible for cleaning up the HUGE amount of cigarette butts that are currently littering the square, and finding out why the fancy irrigation system hasn’t kept the grass alive? A couple more bins would probably reduce litter too…

    • The irrigation system is not working. Heard gossip that TFL and Lambeth are in dispute about who is supposed to maintain it.

  6. Er? Why were the stands removed after their short appearance. Was it all just a small bit of publicity. Are those in the photo paid to hold the stand up for photos to be taken? Or does it take the amount of people to fix the stands to the ground. And how did Jay Rayner know to be there are the right moment before the stand were removed.

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