Brixton named country’s ‘Greatest Neighbourhood’ by Urbanism Awards

WINNER: Windrush Square’s recent redevelopment was praised by judges

Brixton town has been awarded the title of Great Neighbourhood by a major national competition.

The town centre was awarded the accolade at the Academy of Urbanism Awards on Friday. Judges said the area had gone from “no go” to a thriving place to live, without losing its diversity.

The panel said:  “Lambeth Council, working with local people and agencies, has tackled many inner city issues which contributed to a negative public image, such as drug dealing and gang culture and declining market, retail and business sectors; without losing the vitality and diversity that it is famous for. It has changed from a ‘no go’ area to an attractive and inviting place to live, work and visit.”

Commenting on the Windrush Square improvements the judges added: “A heart has been created where before there was an unfriendly traffic island, and a variety of social and economic regeneration projects have breathed a fresh sense of pride into living, working and visiting Brixton.”

Cllr Lib Peck
Cllr Lib Peck

Cllr Lib Peck, Cabinet member for Regeneration on Lambeth Council, said: “This award will come as no surprise to local people who know what a fantastic place Brixton is, but it’s great to have outside recognition for some of the really positive changes that local people, business and the council have worked together to achieve over the past few years.

“Challenges remain, not least making sure that all Brixton residents can share in the improvements the town has seen and ensuring the unique character that makes the place so special is not lost. But I’m really excited and confident about the future. Brixton has a really strong community that works positively with the council to get things done, and that’s one of the main reasons it’s such a great place.”

Brixton beat off stiff competition from two other neighbourhoods on the shortlist Bourneville, Birmingham, and the Creative Quarter, Folkestone, after expert judges visited all three areas earlier this year.


  1. As a white s mall woman, brIxton centre has never been a no go at for Including in the midst of them1981’and 1983 riots. I have walked through Central Brixton tearly morning to midnight for 35 years, and apart from a handbag snatch on Mervin Road around 1980, I never had a problem. Saw dealers early morning buts I never had any interest In drugs. I also saw and continue to see, people drinking high strength Carlsberg alcohol cans at 7am. Alcoholism and loneliness are the most serious problems.

  2. i didn’t say it wasn’t a nice job, i just said that the area wasn’t a no-go area. and no, i didn’t used to go there to buy drugs. i just went there to enjoy the sunshine, etc.

    did you used to find brixton town a no go area?

    • Yep, it’s ridiculous to say it was a ‘no go area’ previously; unless someone was of a very nervous dispostion! Lambeth should be a bit more accurate in their descriptions. However, we seem to agree that the space is a great improvement, both aesthetically and as a meeting place.

    • Was that to buy skunk from the entrepreneurs hustling in Atlantic Avenue? It was fairly rough. And aesthetically it is much improved and integrates St Matthew’s Peace Garden with the High Street. It’s a nice job,

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