Lambeth council launches shock video against planned closure of Clapham Fire Station

Lambeth council  launched a “shocking” video today, highlighting the increased risk from the proposed closure of Clapham Fire Station.

The YouTube video shows a child’s bedroom slowly filling with smoke, with the sound of a child coughing as a clock ticks.

The film, entitled Every Second Counts, cost the council £600 to make. It states that the average response time to emergencies in the borough will be 34 seconds longer under the plans unveiled by the Mayor of London.

Clapham is also a secondary fire station for people living and working in Brixton.

Lib  Peck, leader of Lambeth council, said: “Some people may find this film shocking, but we make no apologies for drawing attention to the real dangers of closing Clapham fire station to public safety.

‘The devastating impact of fire in the home cannot be overstated. That’s why when it comes to emergency response times, every second counts.”

Clapham fire station is one of 12 fire stations threatened with closure in the capital.

Figures from the London Fire Brigade (LFB) estimate the closures would add an additional 40 wards in the capital performing outside of the six minute response time target.

SHOCKING: A still from the video made by Lambeth council
SHOCKING: A still from the video made by Lambeth council

According to the LFB, response times to emergencies will rise in Clapham Common by 2.57mins and in Clapham Town by 3.57mins if the plans are implemented.

A LFB spokesperson said: “The proposals currently out for public consultation seek to maintain our London-wide response targets, which as a London-wide fire brigade is how we plan the service we provide.

“The ward level data shows how varied response times are across the capital. As is the case now, over half of all London wards would, on average, continue to get a first response within the six minute target if the proposals are agreed.”