Brixton artist exhibiting at the Jerwood

Anthony Faroux (right) and judge Fabian Peake, 2013
Anthony Faroux (right) with mentor and judge Fabian Peake, 2013

An artist from Brixton has been selected for the 2013 Jerwood Painting Fellowship and his work is currently being exhibited at Jerwood Space in Southwark.

Anthony Faroux was one of three selected from more than 300 entries for the year-long fellowship.The judges said of the winners: “the artists reflect refreshingly diverse viewpoints to the subject of painting…Anthony Faroux’s eccentric and inventive challenges to the parameters of painting, promise a thrilling year ahead.”

Faroux was given a £10,000 bursary to allow him to focus on his art for a year and a year’s support from a mentor, artist Fabian Peake.

Faroux’s installations are about how we deal with selective memory and how objects can appear to be the residue of past experiences. He creates composities of film, sound and painting to piece together the fragments of an image.

The exhibition runs until April 28 at the Jerwood Space on Union Street in Southwark.