Jay Rayner reviews Wishbone, Brixton, in the Observer

The Observer food critic and Brixton dweller Jay Rayner has given a fried chicken restaurant, based in Brixton’s covered market, a terrible review.

Rayner, who has previously written to celebrate the emerging food scene in Granville Arcade (Brixton Village) gave a damning write up to Wishbone, Market Row, Brixton, which opened last year, which also gave a comment on the wider changes in the market.

Read our own review of Wishbone, by Miss South, here. And read Jay Rayner’s here.




  1. He also doesn’t seem to understand that a restaurant that isn’t designed for toddlers and buggies is an absolute godsend for those of us who like to go somewhere that isn’t part-crèche. Kind of wish Mr Rayner would stay in Herne Hill and stop banging on about Brixton – he’s not helping you know….

  2. I think JR is missing the point, this is not about the food but the drinks. What do you expect from Fried Chicken anyway? Soak up to booze….

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