Community campaign to support Nour Cash and Carry

Saja Shaheen, from Nour Cash and Carry. Picture by Jeannine Mansell

Concerned shoppers have begun a campaign to save a beloved grocery shop in Market Row, Brixton.

Organisers have begun a petition and Facebook page in support of Nour Cash and Carry, after market owners InShops Ltd handed them a massive rent increase of 22 per cent.

Pippa Couch, who helped to set up the petition, told the Brixton Blog: “Nour reflects the cultural diversity of the local community and the heritage of the market.

“If a popular store like Nour can’t manage to stay open in the newly popular market then I fear for the unique nature of the market. I would hate to see the bland chain stores take over as they did in Spitalfields. Whilst the new cafes and boutiques are great the essence of the world famous market must be protected.”

 So far, 60 people have signed the online petition.


  1. We have over 1000 signatures – paper petition available in the shop – Lets protect the heritage of Brixton Market and support longstanding market traders from being squeezed out.

  2. Please adapt the following letter template and write to InShops Ltd to let them know how you feel about keeping Nour Cash and Carry in operation and preserving the heritage and culture of Brixton Market:

    Mr Andrew Burnett
    Chief Executive
    In Shops Ltd.
    The Geraud Centre wholesale fruit & vegetable
    Market Edge Lane
    L13 2EJ

    Dear Mr Burnett,

    RE: Nour Cash & Carry, Market Row, Brixton – Rent Increase

    It has come to my attention that due to a massive rent increase by InShops, Nour Cash & Carry may be forced to close down, and this is why I have signed the petition to save it:

    You claim that you want to be “first choice for local people… [shopping] in the knowledge that they are supporting local businesses.” But by your actions you are destroying local businesses, communities and individual livelihoods.

    Nour Cash and Carry is much beloved part of Market Row and Brixton Market. Having served the area for 10 years, it is part of our community and reflects the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Brixton that has helped make the market the success it is today. I ask that you stop these excessive rent increases in order that this, and other original Market Row shops can continue to provide affordable food, diverse goods and services to the local community.

    Yours sincerely,


  3. Sign the petition also please WRITE to In Shops Ltd to let them know how you feel about Nour Cash and Carry and what it means to the identity / heritage of Brixton Market and request that they reconsider such a drastic rent rise.

    Mr Andrew Burnett Chief Executive
    L13 2EJ

    T : 00 44 (0)151 233 2165 . Company No. 0218628

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