Brixton Hill by-election: Elizabeth Jones, UKIP

Elizabeth Jones, UKIP

Following is a statement from the UK Independence Party about Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones lives locally and works as a solicitor. She will bring her experience of family matters, noise control, small businesses and parking campaigns to the ward.

Lambeth Council needs a shake-up. As councillor for Brixton Hill, Elizabeth will speak out for the residents and businesses in the area.

For too long, Labour has taken people for granted. Time to cap top pay + perks. UKIP brings a new modern approach to politics – just what Brixton Hill needs.

Elizabeth Jones, UKIP – UK Independence Party

14 key points

  • Lived and worked as solicitor in area for 5 years.
  • Take interest in theatre, opera and arts.
  • Stood for UKIP: 2010 General + 2012 London elections.
  • Support monarchy.
  • Freedom too much restricted by Brussels – EU make 70% of laws.
  • Local businesses and jobs are key priority. Councils should control business rates; lower them to attract new enterprise.
  • Parking key to local economy. Have experience campaigning to lower parking charges; will promote free shopping days + hospital parking.
  • Believe local people should vote on local planning + transport issues.
  • Road humps go unless majority in road want to keep them.
  • Oppose any change in general 30mph limit.
  • Noise nuisance and potholes would be priorities – council must act on complaints.
  • Support open space, parks, want more trees.
  • Need more police on the street.
  • Lambeth Council overpays senior staff – should cut costs + council advertising. Will save taxpayer money by opting out of councillor pension scheme.


  1. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually recognise what you’re speaking about!
    Bookmarked. Kindly also talk over with my site =). We may have a link trade agreement between us

  2. What most parties fail to understand is most people well vote UKIP even if they dont admit it openly, they may not agree with all their policy. They seem to be listerning to the people, the current administration, in lambeth have taken voters for granted.

    A lot of local policies are questionable a lot of people would like to say certain things that my be controversial because they will be seen as being racist or anti european, they dont. When school spaces are full buses children ramp packed. Its just unbelievable, when you hear the same people group who used to complain about people having large families on benefits, state we needs these people to breed, then you start to see there’s a problem in this country and is a big social issues, the council tax do not cover the extra cost or cut back, the working class suffering with more poor people from europe coming to britain for a better central government refusal to give extra money for infrastructure extra people coming it is only the poor that was some for a middle class will however when the middle class starts find that the professional jobs hsve been taken by europeans to speak more than 1 language then you will start to see a different story I think you stop this biggot rant biggest and look at the bigger picture money. Britain has always been a welcoming, compared to european countries immigrant haven’t had it so good I know, i been too many countries in europe with a large ethnic minority communities and I can say they dont have what we have what, that’s why probably seen hi rise in minorities coming to the UK. However there not enough resource s for them with governmrnt cuts back. just like if you were a famine you would fight for food and water and that’s just what’s going on in this country there is a fight for housing school places education work extra.

  3. blue Liebour certainly doesnt represent Working People. Because of Lib-Lab-Con admitting 3 million people from EU countries since 1997, there are 4,000 per vacancy Low Skill,Low wages, employers love it.

    But if you are on housing list,cannot get your children into Local schools.put up with idiots like The Greens narrowing roads making cars & buses Slow and go deeper around corners actually increases Pollution.Slows traffic flows.
    I know Elizabeth personally She is hard working and diligent.If it was any of other female candidates Politically correct idiots would say ”Sexism” but get real.
    the Cabinet Type of Local governance is undemocratic,only leads to Councillors getting more money.

    • The idea that UKIP represents working people is risible. The UKIP agenda equals a mad adherence to the ‘free market’, greater inequality and the destruction of public services. Well that is great if you’re rich, but a nightmare for the rest of us. They’re just the extreme version of the Tories. Ask yourself why has Nigel Farage got to keep telling us UKIP aren’t racist? You know the answer, it is like racists who start conversations with the words ‘I’m not racist but…’ The truth is we all know that UKIP provides a respectable outlet for bigots to vent their tedious prejudice. It really is quite a task to imagine a more odious, dishonest bunch of greedy rascals than the shabby gang that is UKIP.

  4. UKIP, doing it differently…

    When all progressive towns and cities are trying to get people out of their cars UKIP want you back in them. Free parking in central Brixton, where exactly? On yer bike UKIP.

  5. What Starbucks and others like them do is wrong, Eric. When slavery was still legal it was still wrong. D’Oh! Starbucks is avoiding millions in taxes that would help the UK economy. What about our homegrown coffee shops in the UK? they pay their taxes in full! They don’t cheat and make payments to offshore entities to avoid tax. They contribute in full on what they earn in this country. What Starbucks is doing may be legal, but it means that UK businesses do not get operate on a level playing field in the UK. I thought UKIP were pro UK businesses, Eric? D’Oh, again, Eric!

    • What Starbucks and others like them did is the same thing YOU do – pay the least required (I note you avoided that bit…)

      Not a level playing field? Of course it’s not. So you should moan at those working under it? Or the morons who designed such an absurdly complex system (er.. bloke called Gordon Brown. Ooops, Labour again. “D’Oh”).

      Dunno if UKIP are pro-business Trumpy, I’ve never voted for ’em or read their lit. D’Oh, again, Trumpy!

      • Calm down Eric, you’re getting hot and bothered. We can all see how you’re trying to blame all tax dodging that has been allowed to happen on Gordon Brown. But that is silly, like you. Not a word about the role played by Thatcher, Major, their deregulation of the finance and banking services, the slavish adherence to ‘free market’ madness that led to the mess we’re in. Note how Eric tries to defend the tax dodging. And by the way, I actually like tax and believe in it. It is the price we pay for civilisation. Freeloaders like Starbucks and their apologists like you can’t hide behind the fig leaf of ‘legal’ anymore, Eric. You are on the wrong side of history. Awww, poor Eric! 🙁

      • If you & yours can predict how things will be seem by ‘history’ why have you been on the losing side of almost every argument (unilateral disarm, nationalisation/”commanding heights” etc)?

        Laughing at someone is not the same as getting hot and bothered, Trumpy. Possibly why I’m not making stupid mistakes, like ur inability to read basic English on the other thread };)

        I am “trying” to blame a massively over-complicated tax system. See size of taxcode in 1997. See size of taxcode in 2010. And you’re blaming the Treasury-produced Tax Code on degregulation & THATCHER???? Comedy.

        You have refused to answer my question about your OVER payments of tax, which you expect companies to pay. Because you clearly conduct you own tax affairs the same way. One rule for them & another for you, huh Trumpy? How Tony Blair of you.

      • You sound like Harry Enfield’s ‘’Tory-Boy’’ Eric. In your topsy-turvey logic one has to have over paid tax before they’re allowed to criticise corporate greed. No I haven’t overpaid on tax and guess what – I am still allowed to criticise the likes of Starbucks who deliberately avoid paying their fair due. What they are doing is the opposite of what Parliament intended. Excitable apologists like you might well chirrup that it is ‘legal’ but that is frankly a poor excuse for immoral behaviour. People take sides on tax. On one side are rich individuals, corporations like Starbucks, other well-funded special interest groups and their right wing apologists like you. On the other side are the rest of us who care about housing, education, health and everything else that tax pays for. I’m glad I am not on your side. Your side sees nothing wrong with Starbucks using offshore licensing and transfer pricing that routes profits created in the UK to Switzerland and intra-group funding to further reduce their UK profits. Your side is okay with that even though the result is that despite Starbucks being a highly successful operation they haven’t paid tax here for the last three years. While this happens we watch as our services are cut, our nurses and teachers and firemen and police face funding cuts, less money being spent on our schools, hospitals, libraries and affordable housing! I tell you what Tory-Boy Eric, you’re a first rate tax avoider apologist, but you’re a third rate human being!

  6. After reading the comments so far let me tell you that UKIP when given the opportunity to represent the people do a great job. Ask anyone you like here in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire which has the countries first elected Town Council what a huge difference we’ve already made in just 2 years.

    What you will hear from nearly everyone is that we’ve done more for Ramsey than any previous adminstration over the past 50 years. Why you may well ask has this been the case … ? It’s because we roll up our selves and get busy doing what the people of this Town want us to do. That’s what makes us the right party to Vote for.

    We lead by example, as councillors we clean the public toilets, pick up litter, clear up dog mess, cut hedges & grass, make footpaths safe to walk on, hold regular one on one meetings with those that have concerns that need to be addressed and lots more. We get things done.

    We pride ourselves as elected UKIP Councillors who serve the people of Ramsey. We listen and do what’s asked of us. We don’t seek glory … we just do the job to the best of our ability.

    With Elizabeth Jones as your UKIP Candidate who I happen to know personally, the people of Brixton Hill would do well by voting for her as I’m sure that Liz will do you and us proud.

    Please can I ask the people of Brixton Hill to VOTE UKIP at this important by-election and prove to you all that Elizabeth Jones if elected will serve the interests of all it’s residents.

    Finally, may I please ask the people of Brixton Hill NOT TO VOTE FOR THE LIB/LAB/CON WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT DESTROY US AS A NATION.

    Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read my message to the electorate of Brixton Hill.

  7. Who votes UKIP?

    Academic research into who votes for UKIP has revealed that its support base is to a significant extent drawn from those who would also back the BNP. There is often a link in voters’ minds between the anti-immigrant populist rhetoric of both parties and UKIP appears keen to tap into this potential electoral pool. According to Professor Peter John and Professor Helen Margetts, UKIP “draws upon the same source of social and political attitudes among the public as the BNP and has the potential to convert such attitudes into votes”.

    More recently, a study by Dr Robert Ford and Dr Matthew Goodwin distinguishes between ‘strategic’ UKIP voters who tend to be disaffected Conservatives supporting the party in European elections and UKIP’s ‘core’ voters who tend to be “a poorer, more working class and more deeply discontented group who more closely resemble supporters of the BNP and of European radical right parties”. Their research suggests that UKIP has the greater long-term potential to appeal to the populist anti-immigrant vote. “UKIP’s credentials as a legitimate party of right-wing protest over Europe may make it a ‘polite alternative’ for voters angry about rising immigration levels or elite corruption but who are repelled by the stigmatised image of the more extreme BNP which, as polling data reveals, has struggled to portray itself as a credible political choice”.

    • Uncertain Trumpet of course millions of Europeans coming to live and work in the UK will not have any effect whatsoever on the country. I guess I must have been really stupid to think that.

      Not really sure about your academic research showing that UKIP members would support BNP either especially as it is the only party that does not allow ex BNP to join.

      And as for your climate change, it is fact there has been no significant change in the past sixteen years, did you happen to notice that those that would like you to believe it exist (Labour) changed the name ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change’ when they realised the temperature had not risen.

      Politics has changed a lot in this country over the past few decades Conservatives have become so out of touch with the people that they are no longer the same party they used to be in fact the New Labour is far more like the old conservatives these days so are definitely not the party our forefathers voted for. For me the only party that is telling me the important things that desperately needs telling to the public is UKIP and for that they will get my vote. Simple honest commonsense facts will always get my vote.

      • Very well said, Marty. Common sense and straight talking followed by action. We tell NO lies and don’t promise anything we can’t deliver. Good honest and truthful that’s why we Vote UKIP.

  8. I have been following Elizabeth’s activity for some time. She is the right candidate, representing the right party, at the right time.
    You will never achieve real change unless you vote for real change and that means a move away from Labour, the Tories and the now fourth-rate Lib Dems.

  9. Chronic lack of affordable housing? high unemployment? alleviate poverty? Improve health care?

    Labour has been running this Borough for longer than I’ve been alive. Labour have just run the country for 13 years.

    And they’re the ANSWER to all these problems?? Comedy.

    • Hey, you’ll hear plenty of criticism about Labour from me, Eric! But let us at least have the integrity to acknowledge that Labour have to cut back because the Government is determined to make working people pay for a banking crises brought about by decades of right wing deregulation of our banking systems and adherence to so called ‘free market’ economics and the fantasy of trickle down wealth.

      • UncertainTrumpet: Complete nonsense from another Liebour truth-denier.
        The reason why this government is having to cut public spending is that, thanks to your lot, we not only have no money but, we owe more than we ever have in our history.
        I’m sorry to smash your fantasy but, money doesn’t grow on trees, it has to be earned.

      • ‘Liebour’ my God what wit! And what dishonest nonsense you post! Only a UKIP sock muppet would deny that the 2008 was not caused by decades of deregulation in the finance sectors of the USA and Western Europe coupled with adherence to the Thatcherite / Reaganomics of trickle down theory. And of course New Labour and the Tories were both complicit in this stupidity. But guess what? UKIP would do the same thing. Your plan is to carry on punishing working and poor people for a mess they didn’t cause, while giving tax breaks to the very rich. And you would offer up the usual scapegoats for them to blame – immigrants and the bogey-man that is the EU. That is why UKIP tap into bigotry

      • And only a dyed in the wool Labour supporter would deny that their fiscal incompetence left this country in quite possible the worst position in the Western world to weather the storm caused by the banking collapse.
        Dishonesty stares you at you in the mirror every morning.

      • Apparently, Trumpy, your the only person in England who didn’t read the “I’m afraid there is no money” note from Liam.

      • No money? How much does Afganistan cost? How much did the Olympics cost? How much are Starbucks, Vodafone, Google and the other dodgers costing us? No money my arse!

      • Er, the Olympics were inflicted on us by the Labour Gov as well. Did you really not know that?

        As for tax ‘dodgers’, are you suggesting Starbucks etc did something illegal? Cos no one else is.

        If not, please tell us how much extra tax – more than required by law – you pay?

  10. Well Uncertain Trumpet lets see…
    What will she do to fix chronic lack of housing? supporting UKIP will help put a stop to the floodgates opening for 29 million east Europeans coming here looking for homes in 2014.

    What does she propose to tackle high unemployment? Getting out of the EU and restricting immigration will mean companies will have to pay fair wages to British people instead of capitalising on a cheaper EU workforce.

    How to alleviate poverty? Working with the people of this country to make the country stronger.

    Improving health care? Check out UKIP NHS policy it is actually very sensible.

    UKIP is tarred with this one policy party idea yet it is far from it but the EU is the countries biggest problem at the moment. Ask yourself why the other parties do not tell you the things about the EU that UKIP has been saying and then decide for yourself who deserves your vote.

    I wish Elizabeth all the best in her campaign and hope people understand the need to vote, whoever their choice may be and ensure this election has a maximum turnout.

    • But you know perfectly well that immigrants are not to blame for the lack housing. What is to blame was the selling off of social housing and no new stock being built to replace it. Trying to blame immigrants is merely shabby scaremongering.

      They are likewise not to blame for unemployment and neither is the EU. If you really believe that UKIP are going to engineer a situation where companies ‘’have to pay fair wages’’ then you’re not being realistic. Like the Tories UKIP adhere to the deregulation and so called ‘free market’ economics that caused the banking mess in the first place.

      I have checked out UKIP’s health policies and their economic policies and they represent a nightmare for the vast majority of working and poor people in the UK. Just like the Tories UKIP are for creeping privatization of the NHS.

      UKIP want a flat tax of 31% for all but the very poorest. This means that millionaires will pay the same % as ordinary working people. How is that fair? UKIP are climate change deniers. They go against the science, ignore the continuing trend of extreme weather we’re experiencing and want to scrap r & d for renewables.

      The idea that the EU is our biggest problem is absurd nonsense peddled by fantasists like Farage and his mate Liz. UKIP are no friends of working and poor people.

      I’ll tell you what UKIP are good at though. UKIP have been able to tap into a huge potential well of bigotry. And it is that which makes them such a threat to all of us.

      • I will leave you to rant at everyone who wishes Elizabeth luck in her campaign, I am sure most sensible folk will see you for what you are but if you ever find a calculator just amuse yourself with seeing the difference between 31% of £12,000 and 31% of £1,000,000 and then think about fairness properly for a change.

  11. Jesus wept! Has there ever been a more desperate, vacuous meaningless appeal to the electorate? Lambeth Council needs a shake-up? What does that even mean? Hey, UKIP’s Lizzy takes an interest in theatre, opera and arts, likes the Monarchy but doesn’t like speed bumps! Wow. What will she do to fix the chronic lack of affordable housing? What does she propose to tackle high unemployment? How to alleviate poverty? Improving health care? The answer is nothing. Get beyond UKIP’s xenophobic obsession with the EU and there is nothing but pompous patriotic piffle, a nostalgia for some 1950s golden age that never was when there was an empire, everything was perfect and everybody was white and polite. Read UKIP’s solution to fix the economy and you learn that it is merely a Tory wet dream. UKIP have nothing to offer ordinary working and poor people. Zilch.

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